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5 Myths About Online Education and Courses

When you think of any school or institute, you would imagine a traditional classroom with a whiteboard and lots of notebooks. We have seen this education system for ages. But the recent development in technologies has taken over education as well. You might have seen many schools and colleges now providing online education and courses to their students. Many students have started adopting it due to the convenience and flexibility it provides. But there is always a debate about the quality of education that students get through this online learning. We simply do not have a stamp or just a degree for the sake of flaunting it. We also need knowledge and a practical approach to whatever we learn. There are few who still believe that the traditional education system is best, while few have found the best way of learning courses online. Today we would talk about a few of the misconceptions about online education and overall learning. 

Online learning is all about learning on your own

There is a myth that online learning is all about learning on your own. You would simply have to browse through the course material or see the pre-recorded video lectures online. With online learning, however, for example at Rasmussen University, you’ll work with faculty trained specifically to teach and mentor online, online with flexible learning options and virtual labs Hence it would be similar to the in-house learning session. With online lectures, students can also ask the queries of the instructor and make the learning interactive. You can take a look at some of the courses, Selenium, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, or  SQL training.

No communication between the classmates 

They say that you would not get a chance to communicate with your classmates in online classes, which is a myth. During online learning, most instructors conduct interactive discussion sessions where all the students can see each other and discuss their doubts or queries regarding the syllabus. Some of the instructors also conduct other activities during break time for their students to get to know each other better. Nowadays, institutes also create various groups or communities of students to share information with them. Here students also get a chance to interact with each other.    

Online learning leads to poor social networking 

There is a misconception that online learning has no contribution to social networking. According to few people, students enrolled in online learning could not get through a good job. Most of the students depend on their college placements and mates to get their first job, and hence they think that one would not get such an opportunity with online education. But some of the online learning institutions have proven it wrong. Most of the students at these instates have managed to get good job opportunities and career advisors through their administrators. If you are looking to complete your pre-requisites for college, consider taking them online at

Online courses are way easier than in house learning

Some people think that online learning is pretty easy as compared to the traditional education system. They think that you just need to browse through the course material online or watch videos with online learning. Generally, offline or traditional education systems ask for higher fees as compared to online learning. Hence, they tend to believe that online learning would be easy as the fees are less. Generally, it requires similar efforts to learn the course modules and subjects online. You would need to go through the same set of exams the way you need to attend full-time colleges. In most cases, the type of certification or grades that you get online, as well as offline, is the same. 

You would need to be tech proficient to learn online

They say that you can only master online learning if you are proficient with the new technologies or are a techy geek. Nowadays, everyone is aware of operating computer systems and various applications. Accessing the courses online is as easy as ordering the pizza online. Most online learning platforms believe in providing a user-friendly dashboard to ease the process of learning. So do not worry if you have not got any degree in computer applications or basics. If you know how to operate the computer, use mobile applications or access the internet, then you can go ahead and enroll in online learning or courses. 

Featured Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash