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Image by Renata Tlałka from Pixabay

5 Ways to Celebrate Without Throwing Alcohol into the Mix

Alcohol abuse is common. You might drink too much because of a family proclivity. You may also drink because you use partying as an excuse. 

You can pursue alcoholism treatment if you think you’re drinking too much. You might look into either an inpatient or outpatient program. 

You can also think of some ways you can celebrate a holiday, a birthday, or some other festive life event without alcohol. We’ll talk about some ways you can do that right now. 

You Can Eat Some Food You Like Instead

There are many ways to celebrate without alcohol, and if you know you tend to drink to excess once you get started on that path, it’s best that you avoid it altogether. One thing you can do if you want to celebrate without drinking is to have some food that you particularly enjoy. 

You might have some BBQ or get a pizza. Maybe you’ll order some Indian or Thai food. Whatever cuisine or food item you like most, you can order that and enjoy it instead of drinking alcohol. 

You Can Indulge in a Dessert You Love 

You might also celebrate with a dessert item that you love. Maybe that’s a brownie sundae or a Snickers bar. You might love Swedish fish or creme brulee. 

A decadent dessert is a way you can treat yourself if you want to celebrate a momentous occasion. You shouldn’t have that dessert too often if it’s unhealthy, but it’s fine every once in a while.   

You Can Buy Yourself Something You Like 

You might celebrate by engaging in some retail therapy. Studies show that the pleasure portions of your brain light up when you buy things you like, and getting those endorphins flowing is certainly a pleasant way of celebrating if you accomplish something. 

You might buy some new clothes, some comic books, or a new album from your favorite musical artist that just dropped. Buy whatever it is that makes you happy. 

You Can Give Yourself a Day Off 

You might celebrate accomplishing something by giving yourself a day off from any responsibilities. You can call off from work that day. You can also tell your significant other, if you have one, that you are not to be disturbed. They can watch the kids, walk the dog, and take care of any other responsibilities that you normally have. 

You Can Visit a Place that Makes You Happy 

Maybe you associate happiness with a certain place. It could be a waterpark that you have enjoyed going to since you were a little kid. Perhaps you enjoy a particular public park that has a quiet bike trail beneath some shady trees. 

No matter where you like to go, you can spend some time there as an alternative to drinking alcohol. If you have something to celebrate, then being in one of the places that you like most in the world is certainly a viable way of doing that. 

Any of these can work instead of consuming alcohol.

Featured Image by Renata Tlałka from Pixabay