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6 Secrets That Every Foodie Must Know To Enjoy

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Finding a good place to eat when traveling is often like searching for gold. You want to enjoy new exotic tastes, tap into the wonderful atmosphere of local traditions – all in all, have meals worth covering thousands of miles. While typical guides tend to speak about “top” or the “best” places to eat, we say “let’s do it differently,” sharing with you six secrets that every foodie must know to relish the tastiest dishes everywhere. The truth is that truly amazing food is often served at the little-known spots, which are not so extensively advertised as those fancy and spicy-pricey places. Read on to find out how to enjoy great food on every trip – no matter the destination and your budget.

Use Foodporn

Even though Foodporn is hardly a secret because it’s the #1 app used by millions of people to find the best food in every corner of the world, some newly-minted globetrotters are not familiar with that service. It is absolutely free and boosts unrivaled performances when it comes to answering all kinds of search restaurants near me queries regardless of whether you’re looking for fancy dining or top-rated fast food. Users can take advantage of numerous options to filter the content and quickly find the place with their favorite cuisine, delicious pizza, exotic drinks, or the most scrumptious local flavors. Plus, you can get an idea about the prices, which always helps to save time and money.

Read Travel Blogs

The internet is a treasure trove of useful information, of course, if you can tell a first-hand experience from fantasy writing. Read travel blogs about your dream destination but make sure to stick with websites where you can benefit from the authentic experience of people who have been there and visited all the places and tried all the food they are writing about. That’s why just look for sites with authentic pictures made by the author as proof of their words.

Visit The Local Market

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When you travel, one of the best ways to discover new flavors and taste great food you cannot get anywhere else is to find a local market. Do a bit of research while still at home to figure out the nearest market worth a shot – most big cities have plenty of them, and if you’re going to visit a small town, get ready for a once-of-its-kind experience. Food is an important part of nearly all cultures, so it is also a great opportunity to get familiar with local traditions and customs.

Always Pay A Visit To Bakery

In some countries, bakeries are a paradise for a foodie, especially those who travel on a budget. Do not miss your chance to have the most exciting breakfast or lunch in your life – and save money at the same time. Another great thing about bakeries is that they usually are just a couple of steps away, so you do not have to waste time commuting. However, it’s always a good idea to surf the net in advance to know your options.

Trust Your Nose

Well, sometimes being spontaneous pays off, and following your nose is another way to have a super delicious meal. A foodie worth their salt swear that they have had the most memorable dinner in their life when they were attracted by a heavenly smell derived from the place they were passing by. So, trust your nose, and if you think you just cannot afford to miss that chance, give it a go!

Ask For Recommendations

Asking for the opinion of other people is one more useful piece of advice when you strive for truly delicious food. Speak to other guests of your hotel, to the butcher that has a shop around the corner, or locals you have just met. Needless to say, when eating at the restaurant, asking for the recommendation of a server is a must. To start with, they know what is a hot ticket dish at their place and which chef’s masterpiece can really impress you. This is not to say you have to blindly listen to everyone, trying one thing after another but highly probable, it will help you make the right choices.

As a foodie, having a good list of what places to eat when you are traveling is vital. However, it’s even more important to be able to find one when you are at your dream destination. Knowing these six secrets can become a real game-changer already on your next trip, helping you discover new flavors and have truly remarkable meals.

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