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Photo by Chris Slupski on Unsplash

7 Unusual Things to do By the Time You’re 40

Do you have an extensive bucket list of “things to do” by the time you reach your next milestone age? Forty is every 30-something’s least favorite “F” word, and almost everyone has an idea of things they need to do before turning the big Four-O. Consider the following seven unusual things to do by the time you’re 40:

The Serious Things

As we age, we tend to avoid topics that remind us of our mortality, such as funeral policies and life insurance. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and get these things squared away early on. Vendors like Allstate life insurance quotes will help you finalize this process in no time so that you can get on with the fun stuff.


You often hear people yearning to travel to destinations like Italy, or Bali, or France. Well, it shouldn’t matter where you venture off to, only that you go. Pick a destination that piques your interest, and remember that just because you want to travel, it doesn’t mean you have to go halfway around the world. 

Scream Loudly on a Roller Coaster

It’s important to make space in your adult life for the crazy things. Go on an exhilarating roller coaster ride and scream your head off. Enjoy the thrills and the rush of adrenaline now.

Buy a Piece of Artwork

Invest in a stylish piece of artwork that really touches your soul. Find the perfect place for it in your home, and on days when life is hectic, take a step back and appreciate that you, too, are a work of art. Try a custom Tasmanian artist to help you create your next piece of artwork.

Go Camping

Go camping
Image by LUM3N from Pixabay

Take your family or close friends on a “no electronics, no luxury” camping trip. Enjoy nature, sleep under the stars, and watch the sunrise. It’s a good way to recharge. 

Own a Fabulous Piece of Jewelry

Every woman should have a signature piece of jewelry that everyone associates with her. For Coco Chanel, it was her multi-stranded pearls. For Princess Diana, it was her blue sapphire ring. Pick a piece that defines your sense of style and make it your statement piece. 

Create a Signature Dish

You don’t have to be a master chef to have a signature dish. Create a dish that’s unique to you. Think of the way you remember your grandmother’s vanilla biscuits or your mother’s Sunday roast. It doesn’t have to be complex or exotic, as long as it’s unique to you.

In Conclusion

Remember to enjoy the journey to 40. And if you’re comfortable in your own skin, it doesn’t really matter what’s on your list.  You may have other unusual things to do by the time you’re 40. Anything you do will be fabulous!

Featured Photo by Chris Slupski on Unsplash