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8 Ways to Maximize the Benefits of Body Massages

Everyone needs self-care in their life to ensure they stay happy and reduce stress. Sometimes, people make others feel guilty about treating themselves to a good dinner or a new pair of shoes. This is an unhealthy and unkind way of treating both yourself and others.  

Come to think of it, self-care can be anything from shopping, reading a book, playing video games, or even getting a massage. In relation to these types of leisure, most people can agree getting a massage could be special and relaxing, especially if you go to a spa or massage therapist. Massages could even feel extra memorable when aromatherapy or some full spectrum CBD massage oil is used.

Because there are different kinds of massages, you have the freedom to pick which one you would prefer. If you’re not sure which option to choose, you could ask which one would be perfect for you by explaining your body’s aches and pains. Before discussing the best way to maximize the benefits of your massage, the different massage types should be covered.

 Benefits Of Different Massage Types

The benefits of massages differ with each technique. If you don’t get massages often, you’ll realize it could be challenging to differentiate the various styles. To give you a better idea, here’s a list of some popular types and their benefits.  

  • Swedish Massage: Lessons pain relief, improves stress management and posture, and increases blood flow 
  • Trigger Point Massage: Reduces headaches and muscle tension, improve flexibility and posture, and relieves pain
  • Active Release Therapy: Increases motion and flexibility, alleviates pain and headaches
  • Medical Massage: Increases relaxation, eases stress, boosts energy, diminish pain and tension, and improve immune function 
  • Thai Massage: Soothes back and joint pain, headaches, stiffness, eases anxiety and increases stamina and flexibility
  • Ashiatsu Therapy: Decreases pain, increases flexibility, and cuts down on stress 

How To Maximize Massage Benefits 

There are so many distinct types of massages, and whether you prefer one over the other, there are multiple ways to maximize their benefits. So before getting a massage, here are a few things to consider.  

1. Rinse-Off Hours Later

After getting a massage, it can be tempting to hop into the shower and wash up. It would be best if you didn’t shower soon before and after a massage. Instead, you should wait a few hours after your massage because you may feel faint or dizzy if you promptly hop in the shower. If you do plan to get a massage, be sure to wipe down a few hours before or a few hours after.   

 2. Shower with Cold Water 

When it’s finally safe to take a shower, you should never use hot water, no matter how tempting it is. Massages increase blood circulation, and so do hot showers. Showering in hot water after a massage could aggravate or injure your muscles. Your blood pressure could also spike and cause dizziness, leading you to faint in the shower and be fatal. Instead, it would be better to shower in either warm or cold water to avoid muscle pain from worsening. Check out Renu Therapy cold water immersion to know the benefits of cold water therapy.    

3. Avoid Toxins 

After getting a massage, you should detoxify and cleanse. Make sure to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco to get the most out of your massage. Drinking alcohol could be dangerous after a massage because the adverse effects of alcoholic drinks intensify. The same goes for smoking; massages increase circulation, so your nicotine intake following a massage could have a worse outcome. With caffeine, it’s advisable to avoid it because it tenses the loosened muscles from your massage. Better options for a post-massage drink would be herbal tea or water, which could further help you relax.  

 4. Don’t Eat Heavy Meals After the Massage 

Heavy meals are another thing you’ll want to avoid after a good massage. Bulky meals could make you feel more depleted, so a light salad or vegetable sticks would be best following your massage. A lighter meal before your massage is also recommended. You should eat a small snack, such as fruit or soup, an hour and a half before your massage. Lastly, avoid carbonated drinks; stick to water instead.  

 5. Apply an Ice Pack 

When you get a massage, you’ll feel some aches and pains after. To deal with this discomfort, you can use an ice pack on the painful area. Apply the ice pack no more than 15 minutes at a time a few times a day. If you’re brave, you could even try an ice bath to deal with the soreness, pain, and inflammation. Ice baths are known to increase blood flow.  

 6. Drink Lots of Water 

After a massage, you should drink more water than you usually do. People are told to stay hydrated, and you should apply this advice after any massage. Because massages are a dehydrating process, toxins are taken out of your muscles, and your kidneys will need more water to flush them completely out of your system. You may notice that you’re peeing more after a massage.  

 7. Take Time to Rest And Relax 

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Another thing to remember is to avoid any strenuous tasks. If you’re getting a massage, go all out and relax for the whole day to help your body recover. Massages are meant to loosen up and ease your muscles, and it’s best to listen to your body. Doing anything strenuous, like heavy lifting or going to the gym, you could get injured.  

 8. Getting Maintenance Massages 

While it’s nice to get one massage, if you want to retain the progress you’ve made with your body, you should schedule maintenance massages. Maintenance massages could help retain relaxation, improve flexibility, and boost energy. Sporadic massages are okay, but not keeping a schedule could be harder on your body.


There are different ways to relieve stress, and one of those is to get a body massage. The massage therapist may use a lot of force which could potentially cause some aches and pains. But ultimately, the benefits of a massage are worth the temporary discomfort. Still, it’s best to care for yourself by knowing what to do and what to avoid. With these tips in mind, you won’t risk hurting yourself or reversing the calming effects.

Featured Image by Mariolh from Pixabay