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Best Gifts from Cornwall

If you’re like me and have a long list of family and friends to shop for each year for the numerous holidays. Avoid the craziness of the Christmas retail season and the stress of shopping for everyone’s gifts at once. (Not to mention during the busiest time of the year). She said to do your shopping little by little throughout the year. You have less stress and it is easier on your wallet. You don’t have to make multiple big purchases on and around the holiday season. Instead, spread the costs of thoughtful gifts throughout the year, making the endeavor much more budget-friendly and stress-free. 

Shopping online is an easy, convenient way to shop for your loved ones. Shop Cornish, a store proud to support small businesses. They offer a large variety of gifts from Cornwall, UK. Which are perfect and affordable for anyone’s budget. Open for 14 years and counting, Shop Cornish’s mission is to connect anyone and everyone who loves the unique region of Cornwall, UK, to the best “makers, artists and producers this world-famous region has to offer.” They have numerous product categories, including art, clothing, home décor, jewelry, and items for the garden, kids, and pets- Cornish gifts are perfect for even the most difficult person to shop for.  

1. Art products 

Beautiful art pieces come in many different shapes, colors, and modalities. For the art lover in your life, these gifts from Cornwall offer seven artists with unique work- each offering their own style and interpretations of art across glass, photography, paintings, pottery, and ceramics, with artists known worldwide like Jo Downs and Dreya Glass, creations of fused glass display beautiful pieces depicting the colorful seaside and its lively inhabitants of fish, seahorses, and more. Niko Brown is another artist with glass creations, including playful and vivid designs that can be placed anywhere around the home.

If you or a loved one you have in mind prefer the photo modality as décor, Dr. Martin Raskovsky sells depictions of nature in a calming, almost fantasy-like way with a slight touch of realism. Other artists like Sarah Eddy produce paintings and hand-crafted, personalized pottery and ceramics. Given the wide variety of art fabricated on canvas, tiles, ceramics, and even glass pieces- you are sure to find a unique gift for any loved one in your life. 

2. Accessories

Another great gift idea for a friend or family member could include one of the many gifts from Cornwall and accessories listed on their website. From handmade candles and skincare products made by Nature’s Beeswax to other household products like tea cozies, tea towels, mugs, and storage pots by Poppy Treffry- you are sure to find something for that special someone. Poppy Treffry also creates other freehand embroidery items like customized bandanas for your canine friend, as well as colorful makeup bags, pillowcases, and tote bags. Her items are all inspired by Cornwall’s everyday life and scenes- depicting colorful scenes of flowers, birds, and other animals and seascapes teeming with life.  

3. Garden accessories

For the friend with the green thumb, Shop Cornish offers items from Surreal Succulents. This award-winning company prides itself on unusual plants, terrariums, and pots to fill your garden space. Each succulent is hand-packaged with the utmost care, ensuring safe travel to wherever you require. 

Image by manseok Kim from Pixabay

4. Jewelry 

Hand-crafted in Cornwall by eight eccentric artists, there is a variety of jewelry to choose from on Shop Cornish. Gemwyth Sea Glass Jewelry specializes in eco-friendly, sustainable jewelry ranging from rings to necklaces and bracelets. Each is remarkable in its own way. Each piece of sea glass utilized is handpicked from the beaches in Cornwall, adding another special touch. Suppose your style is more contemporary or modern. In that case, another special of the gifts from Cornwall can be found from Silver Coast Jewelry- a company based in St. Ives, with minimalistic handmade silver jewelry with reflective textures for a beautiful, one-of-a-kind look. Jo Thomas Jewelry offers another modern take on stainless steel jewelry, with cabochon settings containing unique scenes and colors- including pictures of sunrises and sunsets, as well as colorful pendants sold in a variety of sparkling colors. 

5. Kids gifts

An assortment of clothing and toys are presented for the younger ones for even the choosiest picky child. Kernow Crayons sells unique, non-toxic crayons that come in various sizes, shapes, characters, and creatures. They are perfect for a special occasion or parties! Coastal Baby Knitwear sells 100% Superfine Merino knitwear for infants- including rompers, leggings, hats, capes, dresses, and more. They also advertise nursery accessories like blankets, pillow cushions, and even an accessory bag for your little one’s many necessities. 

Overall, if you find yourself wondering what unique gift a friend, family member, or other loved one would like for their birthday or other holidays, look no further than gifts from Cornwall. With a wide assortment of gifts ranging from jewelry to home décor Cornish gifts for the kids or pets, you will be satisfied with everything you find. 

Featured Image by Roman Grac from Pixabay