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From Memory to Motor Functioning: How Drugs Affect Your Health

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Substance abuse can cause a wide range of issues for the user, and these concerns can start when someone starts using drugs occasionally or if they start to use them more regularly. The more someone uses substances, the more severe the impact can be on their body and mind. Learning about the impact substances can have may be a good reason to start looking into treatment options and to get help before the changes become permanent or more difficult to repair.

Disruptions in Memory Function

Those who use substances frequently may find they suffer from disruptions in their memory. They might feel like they’re more forgetful, or they could end up having lapses in memory where they don’t know what happened. If someone is suffering from memory loss as a result of substance abuse, it’s a good idea to start looking for a drug rehab that accepts tricare to get help before the issue gets worse.

Loss of Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Substances will often impact fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills are the ones that use smaller muscles in the body, such as being able to hold a pencil and write with it or open a jar. Gross motor skills are the ones connected to the movement of large muscles in the body and include walking, riding a bike, and more. Those who suffer from substance abuse might find they have trouble with their fine or gross motor skills and with balance over time.

Weakened Immune System

It is not uncommon for substance abuse to lead to a weakened immune system. When someone doesn’t have a functional immune system, they are more likely to get sick when they’re around someone who is ill and is more likely to suffer serious complications if they do become sick. If someone is suffering from substance abuse and tends to get sick frequently, it could be a sign that they’re starting to be immunocompromised as a result of the addiction.

Increased Strain on the Body

Substances will strain the body, and if substances are used frequently, they can cause serious health concerns as a result. Those who abuse substances tend to have more heart-related issues, such as heart conditions, liver and kidney failures, lung diseases, and more. They are more likely to become seriously ill or end up hospitalized because of the illnesses and may not qualify for organ donations to help save their lives if they haven’t started to recover from the addiction.

Issues With Decision-Making and Attention

It is common for substances to alter a person’s ability to pay attention or to make decisions. They might find they end up making the wrong decisions more frequently, which could lead to increased risks that could impact their health and future. They also may not be able to pay attention to things they’re doing, so they have a higher potential of being injured during everyday tasks like driving or working.

Substance abuse can have a severe impact on a person’s health, but it’s not too late to get help. If you’ve noticed any signs that your health is starting to fail because of substance abuse, look into the treatment options available today. Getting treatment now can help prevent many physical or mental health issues from getting worse and can help you live a healthier and happier life.

Featured Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash