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source: Mandi Ehman

Getting Creative with Chalkboard Vinyl Labels

chalkboard vinyl labels

I first started seeing chalkboard labels on Etsy a couple of years ago, and even more since the explosion of Pinterest, and I’ve often thought about picking up a quart of chalkboard paint to make my own chalkboard labels — for the jars in my pantry, party glasses, storage boxes, toy bins and more.

Unfortunately, my laziness and lack of fine motor skills have overcome my desire to have these cute labels time and time again. Even with a stencil, I’m not very confident with any kind of paint, and it seemed like an expensive kind of experiment…especially when it was likely to fail.

Fast forward a few years to my love affair with the Silhouette. From paper letters on gift wrapping to temporary tattoos, this machine does it all. My favorite project — by far — is glass etching (even for intricate designs), while my husband is pretty addicted to making custom decals for his RC planes.

I should say I thought glass etching was my favorite. Until a roll of chalkboard vinyl arrived for us to try, that is!

There are so very many possibilities for these removable vinyl — shaped chalkboards for kids’ room doors, a pantry/shopping list in the kitchen, family calendar or command center. And, yes, labels. Which is where I started.

I love these easy, cute labels to dress up our drinking glasses — er, jars — and I can’t wait to make a whole set for our annual summertime party with our homeschool community.

This vinyl is incredibly easy to work with, and it really feels and acts just like a traditional chalkboard. Now I’m contemplating redoing the labels on my pantry jars in chalkboard vinyl as well.

Silhouette sent me a roll of chalkboard vinyl to play with, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Have you used chalkboard vinyl or paint around your home?