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101 Days of Christmas: Gift-Opening Traditions

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If you hadn’t already guessed, I love all things Christmas! Although gifts are not the focus of our Christmas celebration, they certainly play a part in it, and one thing I wanted to avoid as our kids got older was the mad dash down the stairs to tear through all of the gifts in 2.3 minutes.

We look for ways to stretch our Christmas celebration throughout the day and prioritize people over gifts, and there are lots of different ways to accomplish this. If you’re looking for a new approach to Christmas morning, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Do stockings or  just one gift before breakfast and save the rest until after you eat.
  • If you’re attending church on Christmas morning, consider waiting until afterward to open gifts so that you’re not rushing to get through the gifts before you need to leave.
  • Hand out gifts and take turns opening them so that everybody can celebrate with each person before moving on to the next gift. This works much better when the kids have the same number of gifts but can result in hurt feelings with younger kids when the number of gifts varies.
  • Hide the gifts and have a family scavenger hunt to find them.
  • Open presents one person at a time, starting with the youngest child and going in age order.

What does your Christmas morning celebration look like? Or do you open gifts on a different day?

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