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How Technology Can Reduce Workplace Stress

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Workplace stress is an unfortunate side effect of working. It appears to be so commonplace that many people often assume that workplace stress is practically unavoidable and something they must simply accept as part of their job. However, this is far from the truth, and there are many ways that people can reduce their workplace stress in meaningful ways.

Some people cite technology as a source of stress in the workplace for several reasons. 

  • outdated systems, 
  • digital tools that have a confusing user interface, or 
  • perhaps difficulties communicating with people via digital means 

This last one has been especially prevalent since the onset of COVID-19, where many businesses have instructed their employees to work remotely. However, with all of this said, there are many ways technology can help reduce workplace stress. TechQuarters, a company that provides IT managed services London-based businesses have often cited as reducing stress in the organization, points to the effects of implementing new technologies on stress levels. According to TechQuarters, one of the top causes of stress that they have heard of is old IT that can’t keep up with demand and slows down work.

Implementing the Right Business Tech

A business with the right technology implemented will operate smoothly, and employees will be very grateful. Many businesses choose to partner with an IT support company to get their IT support up to scratch. Unlike most businesses, an IT partner invests a great deal of time, money, and planning into the technology they use and the technology that they can offer their customers,  such as using Office 365 Backup for data protection.

If a business outsources its IT support to a third party, it is one less thing that the company needs to worry about. What is more, a good IT partner like a managed IT services in inland empire  will help modernize their IT – this might involve replacing outdated IT systems with new, future-proof solutions such as Cloud Storage and Cloud Computing. Additionally, they might also help the company replace their old computers and laptops and set up newer models. This is where a business can see the most immediate reductions in stress due to technology.

Use Tech to Support Health & Well-being

Another important aspect of managing workplace stress – and one which some workplaces may tend to overlook or ignore – is a person’s health and well-being.

TechQuarters may be primarily an IT support company, but they understand the importance of looking after their employee’s well-being. After all, a business has a certain duty of care to make sure its employees are happy and satisfied at work. If this is done properly, the business themselves will see benefits such as better employee retention & lower staff turnover, and much better productivity. So how exactly can one use technology to look after their health and well-being?

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To begin with, it is important to look at how work can affect one’s health and well-being (aside from workplace stress). One of the biggest examples is through injuries such as repetitive strain injuries. With people sitting at desks for an average of 8 hours a day, five days a week, it is very easy to develop strain injuries in one’s muscles and tendons due to inactivity and repeated movements. Most people don’t notice how little they move on an average day working. This is one of the ways in which technology can help a person improve their health at work and thus reduce stress. There is a whole category of apps, such as StretchMinder and Stretchy, which provide users with notifications reminding them to stretch, get up and move around, and even perform a short workout. It is important to take regular breaks to be active throughout the workday. Failing to do so can increase your stress levels.

Featured Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash