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Instagram Vs YouTube: Which Platform is Better for Marketing?

Instagram and Youtube are both very important today in the world of marketing. Although YouTube was founded first as a medium of ads and promotion, Instagram quickly caught up because of its wide usage and immense popularity. It is still possible for some people to be unsure about the venture they would like to use for their business. Which is better for marketing? Instagram or YouTube?

The influencer marketing Industry within Instagram is worth more than a billion dollars in present times. It has over 800 million active monthly users, and the numbers are only increasing with time. Along with them, the number of people visiting the best place to buy active Instagram followers every day also soars. On the other hand, the number of YouTube viewers crossed the 1.5 billion mark in 2017, and by 2021 this will reach around 1.86 billion. 

Therefore it is quite natural for marketers to want to gain Instagram followers and get more youtube views. So, when you’re choosing a platform for influencer marketing, there are some things that you need to consider for either platform- let’s have a look.

How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform

When picking a social media platform, you ought to consider the following things, whether YouTube or Instagram-

  • Relatable Content- The interaction that an advertiser can create through his content matters most in marketing. This is important for the brand value and growth. Interaction is measured based on likes and feedback that a post can get. Therefore, you need to ask yourself- will my audience relate to the content I have created?
  • Relevance- You also have to understand what kind of target audience you will find online. When you evaluate the channels other bloggers use, you will understand what kind of content is prevalent in the market.
  • Reach- The number of individuals you can theoretically meet on the site using the influencer’s material is another important factor to consider. This can be calculated by the number of influencers you can find on a particular social media platform.

Why Choose YouTube?

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YouTube is the second most popular website in the world. Today it has over 1.9 billion viewers throughout the world. It includes a plethora of people- from those interested in health and fitness to people interested in art and craft. For all of them, YouTube offers great tools for sharing content. 

Today YouTube marketing contributes to more than half of the total web traffic. Therefore, this forum remains the most desirable website, which continues to remain in trend. Moreover, it also extends the total life span of high-quality videos. Therefore, if you want to grow your brand, a funded YouTube video might be all you need. 

However, this will charge you upwards of making media material, such as Instagram stories or Snapchat stories. While the production of content is far more economical than YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram Feed is temporary.

Pros of YouTube

  • YouTube is great for boosting sales- particularly when the influencers share product reviews. You can also attach a link in the video description, which can be used to buy the product or service.
  • It is easy to measure the results and engage the audience effectively
  • Even after your campaign is over, viewers can access your videos since they are more or less permanent.
  • YouTube is almost universal in its marketing reach. Therefore, people from different niches can easily use it, be it beauty, gaming, entertainment, or fashion.

Why Choose Instagram?

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Funded videos on YouTube are a great solution. However, when these work on Instagram, the performance is even better. Not only are they easily consumed by viewers, but they also cost a lot less in terms of production. The people who don’t have the patience to use long videos, Instagram stories, and live feed might be the best option.

Every month Instagram garners over 800 million users that remain active on the site. Therefore, as a marketing forum, Instagram continues to be useful to all brands and consumers. If you manage to create visually enticing content, then there’s the possibility that your brand will reach success,

You should use Instagram if you want an influencer marketing panel. There are many ways to promote your content on this platform- there are IGTV, highlights, and a lot more. Thus, there is no need to stick to a single form of marketing- you can be free and versatile.  Instagram also has publicly available information that you can access by using  ScrapeGram. It allows you to scrape emails that can be very useful for marketing

Pros of Instagram

  • Instagram is the newest and the most efficient platform that can be used for branding and gaining visibility with a targeted audience.
  • The creation of content for Instagram costs less as compared to that of YouTube.
  • You can use your images and videos more frequently, with higher engagement.
  • Instagram remains the favorite choice of platforms like travel, food, beauty, fashion, fitness, and lifestyle.
  • The platform also brings better choices in terms of content formats. For instance, short-form video, long-form video, posts, pictures, etc.
  • A range of features can be used to enhance the visual appearance of the content by using hashtags, stickers, filters, etc. The thing that really matters is the number of likes you have on your post. You can buy Instagram likes to get the best engagement and hipe on your posts. 


Both Instagram and YouTube have their relevance in the world of marketing. Therefore, people around the world are looking for ways in which they can best exploit their services. 

So when you pick an influencer marketing tool, as discussed in the article above, there are certain items you need to remember about either platform. For a better perspective, take a look at what we have written above. 

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