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Photo by Marc Newberry on Unsplash

Is Putting Stickers in Your Clients’ Orders a Good Idea?

People often decorate their notebooks and computers with colorful stickers. College students are fond of putting stickers of their favorite bands and political preferences on their laptops. They are colorful and cheap, and they allow people to express themselves. That’s why many companies include stickers in the packing box and their products.

Custom stickers are a great way to advertise your business. People love getting a freebie, and a sticker is an inexpensive gift you can include with an order. If a person puts your sticker on their refrigerator, phone, or computer, they will act as a walking billboard for your company.

Even if a customer does not use your sticker, they are less likely to throw away a sticker than they would a business card. They may keep it handy to remind themselves where to get your product.

Where Can I Make a Sticker?

You can make a sticker through an on-demand printing company’s website. Upload your design and select the size and style of the sticker you want to put it on. They will print it up and send it out to you. Many companies like StickerYou have discounts for bulk orders.

Using Stickers for Advertising 

In addition to giving stickers away to people who order your product, you can give them out to people to advertise your business. Hand out stickers at local street festivals or put a few of them in the lobby of an office building or an apartment. If people like the stickers and use them, it is free advertising for you.

What Should I Put On My Stickers?

Putting your company logo on a sticker and your phone number is always a smart idea. You can also consider using a few different stickers depending on your goals. If you include stickers in customers’ orders, you can have different stickers for different products. For instance, if a customer bought a pair of pants, you can include a sticker shaped like a pair of pants. If they bought a shirt, include a sticker shaped like a shirt.

If you do a good job with your sticker, you can sell it by itself. There are some stickers that people consider collector’s items. An attractive sticker can keep your name in people’s minds.

Most Popular Stickers

Designer Ed Hardy had several stickers featuring his iconic skull designs. The Rolling Stones has a popular sticker featuring a pair of lips with its tongue sticking out to show how fun and sexy the band is. The Coffee Revolution sticker features a fist in the air surrounded by coffee beans, appealing to their hip and political clientele. Guitar maker Martin’s & Company stickers feature a simple, old-time logo against a brown background to illustrate what a classic company they are.

The most popular stickers are not the most elaborate. They should feature a clear message and a simple design. Sell your sticker on your website and other products, or give five or six of them away when a person makes a purchase.

Including stickers in orders is always a good idea. Be sure to design something simple, eye-catching, and specific to your brand.

Featured Photo by Marc Newberry on Unsplash