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Pros and Cons of Spray Foam Roofing (SPF)

Homeowners worldwide are constantly looking for how to get high-quality materials for their roofing needs notes DRP Management in Reston, all without having to spend much. This applies to homeowners in Berwyn as well. This desire can be met with a roofing option like the Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing system.

What Is Spray Foam Roofing?

The Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing system employs a two-component liquid mixture when sprayed and serves as the base for roofing. Depending on different factors, it can be installed in varying degrees of thickness to work well in draining water and providing thermal resistance. Another protective coating layer is applied to the sprayed foam for extra protection.

Roofing companies usually recommend the SPF roofing system because of its longevity and high performance. It has numerous benefits that make it the choice for business owners and landlords. However, before deciding if you should get a roofing company in Berwyn to install in your building, you must consider its pros and cons.

Pros of Spray Foam Roofing

Ease of Installation

SPF is installed by spraying liquid foam onto an existing roof. It then expands and adheres to it, regardless of the shape, size, or roofing material of the roof on which it is applied. This installation is a fast, seamless process that can be done without interruptions to routine building activities. It does not require as many materials and tools as other roofing systems. You should only work with skilled professional roofers in Berwyn to get the job done properly.

Energy Efficiency

The money-saving benefits of the SPF roofing system are seen, not only in the cost of installation but power usage as well. SPF roofs have high insulating power to reduce how much heat gets into the building through the roof via heat transfer. Also, because there are no joinings, the risk of air escape through any openings is eliminated. The silicone top coating also resists UV light, protecting the foam from solar radiation.

Easy Maintenance

Although SPF roofing on your Berwyn building can last up to 50 years without any damage, roof repairs tend to be inevitable in the long run due to various environmental factors. SPF roofing is unique in this regard, in that if there is a tear anywhere in it, all you need to do is get a roofing contractor to fill the gap, and your roof is good as new. No extensive work is required for roof repair, making it very pocket-friendly.

Cons of Spray Foam Roofing

Before you get a roofing contractor in Berwyn to install Spray Foam Roofing for you, you should also consider some of its disadvantages:

High Flammability

Spray Foam is a highly flammable material that can be ignited by extreme heat or even a spark. Being used on the roof, though, the chances of this happening are reduced to a large extent.

Susceptibility to Storm Damage

As durable as SPF roofing is, it cannot withstand strong storms. Roofing experts do not recommend that they be used in areas with high winds and extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and thunderstorms. It lasts long in areas with more stable weather, but a lot of damage will be done in very windy places.

Sensitivity to UV Light

If a roofing service company installs SPF roofing without a silicone coating, it disintegrates in no time, leading to extensive damage resulting from ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. Thus, homeowners in areas with sunny weather are advised to hire roofing contractors to coat their Spray Foam Roofing from time to time.


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Featured Photo by Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash