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The 6 Best Ways to Stay Stress-free during 2021

We’re finally leaving 2020 behind, and now it’s time to start looking towards being stress-free with this New Year! That being said, 2021 feels an awful lot like the horror film of 2020. At least there is now hope on the horizon! Vaccinations are happening, the economy is slowly starting to pick up again, and we’re in a new year. However, we’re still feeling the pressures and anxieties of living amid a pandemic. 

What are the pressures you’re feeling? Whether they’re your relationships, financial stresses, or even your body is pushing you to that monthly anxiety of PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), we have ideas for you to be stress-free and stay calm this year.

1. Start Meditating  

Meditation can really make a difference in your emotional feelings. It helps you to start breathing from your diaphragm, not your chest and shoulders, which makes you tense and allows you to take a moment in the day where you’re just paying attention to your body.

I love the meditations that go body part by body part because you don’t even realize you can hold tension in your elbow until they say to relax it! Instantly calmer! I meditate first thing in the morning, just for five minutes at my work from my home desk, and then start my day energized and stress-free (at least until I check my email).

2. Try a new supplement!  

PMS solution
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Did you know you NO LONGER need to stress around your PMS? Do you have trouble during that time of the month? Do you yell at your partner or cry when you see a little old man feed the pigeons on your daily walk? Or do you just crave all the chocolate in the world? What have you been using for your period? 

During the pandemic, I discovered this new and amazing product that is a GODSEND on my period, a supplement, Jubilance for PMS. It really does help me cut my cravings and keep me cool and collected during that time of the month! There’s no excuse to even be PMS-ing. Make PMS a thing of the past. You no longer have to just “deal.”

When you’re feeling down, super stressed, or completely anxious just before your period, use Jubilance for PMS. It’s clinically supported and a once a day supplement that targets the emotional side of PMS. The four phases of clinical trials, women saw a significant reduction in PMS-related anxiety, gloominess, irritability, and stress. This supplement has been reviewed by hundreds of doctors and women and is backed by science. And there are ONLY TWO ingredients! In so many of the other supplements and vitamins, they list so many ingredients and things I don’t want in my body… one I tried includes wax! I’m not going to swallow wax willingly. But with Jubilance for PMS is the only supplement with ingredients that are already found in your body. I feel comfortable taking it every day to be stress-free.

There’s also a deal for your first bottle for $19.95, so there’s no excuse not to try it!  Here’s the deal:

3. Declutter  

This kills two birds with one stone! Not only will your place feel nicer because it’s cleaner, but YOU will feel better and be stress-free.

Getting organized is hard work, and you’ll feel satisfied at the end of it. Why not try the Marie Kondo method of asking if a particular object sparks joy? If it doesn’t, give it away! There are so many people who need help right now. Why not donate to a local church, charity, or a friend who might enjoy that object? The old saying, “One Man’s Trash is another Man’s Treasure,” is really true. In New York, I found my dining table out on the street and recently picked up some sheet music slated for the dump. Not only am I recycling, but also I’m enjoying dinner at a table, a strange occurrence for the small apartments of New Yorkers.

What I do to clean out my PACKED TO THE RAFTERS closet is I take everything out of it, and I mean everything, and I set it on my bed. Then I slowly put everything I want to keep back into my closet. When I see it all laid out, I realize what I want to keep, what I want to recycle, and see what I have to best organize my closets.

4. Stay Connected  

Stay connected
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It’s so hard right now to see friends, to know where people are, to keep on zooming. Many people now have “zoom fatigue,” it’s difficult to be on your computers 24/7 from work to then your social life after 5 o’clock.  

Try to social distance with your neighbors, sitting six feet apart, and having a cup of tea. You never know what you might find out about them. My upstairs neighbor sat on the fire escape while I was in the backyard, and while we drank coffee one morning, I learned she was an ex-Broadway dancer! Had we not stopped to talk, I would never have heard some of her amazing stories from backstage.

Play games with your friends on apps like Ticket to Ride or online with Jackbox games. By playing a game, you’re still engaged with your friends and can share laughs and memories. I even hosted a murder mystery party over zoom! There are all kinds of possibilities now.

5. Keep your mind activated  

It’s important to keep setting goals and moving forward. You want a challenge, and your mind wants to keep working. Try the New York Times Crossword puzzle! I do it every morning before work, along with a short meditation to keep my mind sharp.

Or why not make a list of all the books you want to read this year! You can even cross them off when you finish them! It feels so good to cross something off a list. My best friend writes down every book she reads each year, and by the end of the year, she has a huge list! It makes her feel so good, why not try it yourself?

When I feel stressed, I love to pick up a book, and I’m transported to another world. I’m keeping myself activated and adventuring around the world, even though no one is actually traveling this year.

6. Eat Healthily  

healthy eating
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It might seem rather obvious, but when you eat healthily, you’ll feel better too! You might want to look for some foods that can actually help reduce your stress and anxiety!

For instance, brazil nuts are a must! They are high in selenium, which in studies may help improve mood by reducing inflammation, which becomes more heightened when you’re stressed or anxious.

Fish is also a must eat when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Fish are high in omega-3, a fatty acid with a relationship with mental health and cognitive function. Omega-3 helps by providing two fatty acids EPA and DHA, which then regulate neurotransmitters and promote healthy brain function.

Green tea is my favorite drink, and that might be because it contains the amino acid theanine that has calming effects and may increase serotonin and dopamine production.  

Use these tips and tricks to reduce your stress levels and anxiety this New Year! We know there’s a lot to stress about, but hopefully, some of these ideas will help you find your way back to that self-care calm of meditating and reading your favorite book.

Also, remember that you no longer need to stress about PMS anymore! There’s a supplement, Jubilance for PMS, for that!

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