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Declutter Your Life and Achieve Inner Peace

People who can’t say no often find themselves overcommitted. They put the needs of others ahead of themselves. As such, they often say yes when they really should say no. What follows is an abundance of stress and anxiety created by trying to keep everyone happy. Learn how to declutter your life and achieve inner peace.

Losing the Supermom Syndrome

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Trying to do everything is not possible. You may know someone who seems to have the ability to do everything. However, the keyword is “seems.” The reality is that they live with enormous amounts of self-inflicted stress. You want what’s best for your children, but there’s a limit to what you can do in a day. Taking on too many chores and activities can cause a mental breakdown, something not good for anyone. In the end, doing less and doing it without stress will benefit you and your children more.

Involving Every Member of the Household

When it comes to maintaining the home, everyone needs to pitch in. It’s not up to you to cook, clean, and go to the market. Involving every member of the family will reduce your burden and make others more responsible. Foothills Management company advises creating a schedule that includes daily and weekly chores and assign names to the items. In short order, you’ll see that the house remains clean and you have time to sit and relax.

Importance of Downtime

Everyone needs downtime to regroup and achieve inner peace. Lose the feelings of guilt over a messy room or dishes that remain in the sink. You can do these chores later. Take a break and create slots that afford you time alone. You can use it to catch up with friends, read a few chapters in your book while sipping a glass of Templeton Rye, or meditate.

Chaos Breeds Chaos

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The old expression “chaos breeds chaos” is true. If your home is cluttered, you and your family become overwhelmed. Reducing the clutter will allow you to achieve calmness in the home. Thankfully, reducing clutter is easier than you may imagine. Take it slowly, going to one room at a time. Start with the room that needs the most work, like the living room or kitchen. Begin the process by removing items that don’t belong.

Regarding the living room, bringing in canvas bins to house items such as DVDs, CDs, and games will help eliminate the look of clutter and achieve a tidy appearance. Use this method going forward to make every room functional and neat. Discard things you no longer need or want to free up valuable space. 

Keeping a Schedule

A household schedule will serve many purposes. First, it lets everyone know what chores they are responsible for completing. Secondly, it identifies upcoming events such as school plays, family gatherings, and doctor’s appointments. You can also use a schedule to plan meals, perform once-a-month maintenance, and to schedule personal downtime for you. 

Maintaining Your Sanity

A happy mom is better able to handle life. When you feel good, you project your good feelings onto others. However, when you stress or experience bouts of depression, you lose patience quickly and create negative emotions that others in the household absorb. Having a tidy house that’s functional will prevent negative thoughts and anxiety over too many things to tend to. This results in more joy at home.

Take It One Day at a Time

Life comes with many unexpected moments. Take each one as they occur in stride. Don’t let a single event cause you to go into stress overload. It’s during these times that you need to take a deep breath and then move on.

As a mom, you have a lot on your plate. However, if you learn to share the burden by delegating chores and keeping the home neat and functional, you will achieve inner peace.

Featured Image by Shelley Wiart from Pixabay