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Why Should You Buy a Bow Tie for Your Best Man?

If you have ever been the best man at your friend’s wedding, you know that the best man is not only the groom’s close friend who has to take care of the wedding ring till the big day, he also has to:

  • Assist the groom throughout the wedding
  • Organize the bachelor party
  • Arranging and coordinating the groomsmen’s wedding outfit
  • Ensuring that the groom arrives on time
  • Give a toast
  • Lead the groomsmen

And whatnot. Being the best man is a big responsibility. However, along with these roles and responsibilities, the best man has to do one more thing which is to look handsome and outstanding while standing by the groom’s side throughout the day. That is why his attire should reflect the importance of his friend’s big day. To give his outfit perfection, the best man and groomsmen can opt for a Bow Tie, the best way to elevate the look with a touch of unique style and sophistication.

The Sophistication of a Bow Tie (3 Reasons)

The wedding is not only an exciting and joyful day for both the groom and his best man, but it can also equally stress them. The best man has to deal with the pressure of ensuring everything will fall in the right place.

To handle this pressure, the best man and the groomsmen can choose a classic suit with a bow tie. Here is why:

Formal Flair

A well-tied bow tie instantly adds a sense of formal elegance to a simple suit. You can boost your ordinary look to extraordinary by adding a simple yet classy bow tie. If your friend’s wedding theme is formal, you can go for a black bow with a black suit to maintain the dignity of a black-tie event or a sophisticated outdoor wedding. The sharp lines and symmetrical folds of the bow tie will add elegance and sophistication to the formal wedding that will make others speechless.


Standing Out, Standing Together

As you know, a wedding does have hundreds of guests from both the bride and groom’s side. However, the best man and groomsmen have to stand out from the crowd while still maintaining a cohesive look with the groom. Unlike the standard ties, bow ties typically maintain a more uniform look along with color variations. When all the groomsmen and best man wear neckties, they will feel united even though they may have different colored and patterned bow ties.

Confidence with a Wink

Did you know that a well-worn bow tie can add a unique playfulness and confidence to your overall look? It adds a touch of whimsy and personality to the groomsmen’s attire, setting them apart from the seriousness of a traditional tie. This doesn’t detract from the formality of the occasion; rather, it injects a subtle hint of fun, showcasing the groomsmen’s comfort and camaraderie with the groom.

The Fun Factor of Bow Ties (3 Reasons)

A man’s tie not only gives a formal touch but also can change your formal outfit to a casual yet elegant dress. Here is how a bow tie can change your formal look:

Endless Options

When it comes to bow ties, you can find a wide range of colors, patterns, and materials. All you need to do is pick a suitable bow tie according to the wedding theme.

Conversation Starter

A unique bow tie is guaranteed to turn heads and spark conversation. Guests will compliment the best man on his stylish choice, making him feel even more special on the wedding day.

Personality Injection

A bow tie allows the best man to add personality to his wedding attire. Whether your friend is having a formal wedding or a casual one, you can pull off the bow tie without hassle. From a bold geometric pattern to a subtle polka dot, you can choose your favorite bow tie to express your style.


Practical Perks of Bow Ties (2 Reasons)

The bow ties can offer you practical perks, including:

Comfort is Key

Generally, bow ties are comfortable to wear. These ties are lightweight and unlike traditional necktie, the bow ties don’t flop around or get stuck here are there.

Time-Saving Elegance

Don’t know how to make a knot to the tie? Don’t worry. You can pick a pre-tied bow tie. This tie allows you to adjust it easily on the wedding day. This saves precious time when everyone is getting ready for the ceremony.

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Choosing the Right Bow Tie (2 Reasons)

Now, the question is how to choose a perfect bow tie according to the occasion. Let’s find out the anwer here:

Formal Harmony

If your friend’s wedding theme is formal and he seeks to represent you in formal attire, consider the wedding’s formality and the groom’s attire. You can choose a classic black bow tie for a formal black-tie wedding. But if the wedding is less formal, you can try a more playful pattern or colors to give a unique look.

Personality Matters

Think about the best man’s personality and taste when selecting a bow tie. Does he prefer classic elegance or a touch of whimsy? Choose a color and pattern that reflects his style.



Adding a bow tie to the best man and groomsmen’s outfits offers a wide range of benefits. A necktie can:

  • Add formality to a simple suit
  • Boost a person’s personality

And it can offer you a comfortable and stylish alternative to a traditional tie. If you want to add a traditional and classic touch to your suit, choose a self-tie. But remember you will need to knot a self-tie to get a desirable look. 

On the other hand, pick a pre-tied bow tie if you don’t know how to make a knot of self-tie. So why wait? Visit Model Chic for your bow tie shopping. They have a wide range of bow ties, traditional ties, and accessories that can complete your look. They are perfect for you or your groomsmen and best man.

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