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Your Placement Guide to Pedestal Fans for Effective Airflow

Summer comes with a lot of beautiful things. From clear blue skies to a fragrant breeze, there’s something about the summer season that brings out your free spirits and encourages you to be positive and happy. However, sometimes the summers can also get frustrating if we’re not in a comfortable environment, and what can be better to make our surroundings comfortable than an effective fan.

A fan is undoubtedly one of the most economical and environmentally friendly options to make summer months comfortable. Imagine sitting on your balcony sipping on some tasty lemonade as a cool breeze from your pedestal fan makes the environment pleasant. 

There are different types of fans available in the market, but one option that has proven suitable for most homes is a pedestal fan. A pedestal fan is essentially a standing fan that does not require any major installation or fixture. Instead, you can simply place it on the floor and plug it in a power outlet to enjoy a delightful breeze no matter where you are. 

However, the placement of a pedestal fan has a major role in determining how effective the fan is. With the correct placement, you can make the most of your pedestal fan and enjoy an effective airflow. 

Here we share some placement tips to help you understand the best spots to place your pedestal fans. 

1. Promote Cross Ventilation

If you have a balcony or windows in your room, it’s a great idea to place your pedestal fan directly opposite one of these open spaces. This promotes cross-ventilation and creates a flow of fresh breeze in your room. You can also place your pedestal fan right next to the window to enhance the inflow of fresh air. 

2. Choose Diagonal Corners

Choosing two diagonally opposite corners to place your pedestal fans can make your room airy and fresh. This drastically improves airflow and reduces suffocation. If you have a larger room, you can also add a wall or ceiling fan in the center of the room to make sure there’s enough ventilation across the space. 

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3. Create an Open Airway

Large pieces of furniture can obstruct the airflow. This is why it is important to create an open airway in your room that allows free airflow. Place your pedestal fans in an area that is not surrounded by furniture or other large objects. This will allow a better flow of breeze and make your room even airier. 

4. Pick Higher Surfaces If Possible

Pedestal fans can work more effectively if placed on a higher surface. It allows more efficient air circulation and allows your pedestal fan to cool your room more effectively. So, if you have an elevated area or a step in your room, place your fan on that surface. 

Make a Wise Choice

With the help of these placement tips, you can make sure your room is well-ventilated, and you will get the best use out of your pedestal fan. However, you must keep in mind when it comes to pedestal fans to always go for products from reputed and trusted brands such as Luminous. Brands like Luminous offer a range of excellent pedestal fans suitable for different spaces. No matter how big or small your room might be, you can easily get a suitable pedestal fan at Luminous. So, head to their website to check out their extensive range of pedestal fans and bring home one that suits your needs. 

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