Simple Christmas treats for friends

Simple Christmas treats for friends

Although I’m not doing 101 Days of Christmas this year, I couldn’t help but share these cute little treats that I made for the students and moms in my Essentials class. These were simple and easy to pull together, but they turned out so cute, and the kids loved their candy sleighs! **originally found at Ellyn’s […]

DIY bath powder {101 Days of Christmas}

DIY Bath Powder

I’m so glad that Christina, one of Plant Therapy’s staff aromatherapists and resident bloggers, agreed to share this recipe with us because it’s not one that I would have come up on my own! This bath powder is luxurious and smooth, perfect for the woman who needs just a little bit of pampering in the midst of […]

“Thanks a latte” gift card envelope {101 Days of Christmas}

Thanks a Latte Gift Card Envelope

I think Starbucks gift cards make the perfect gift for a coffee lover (assuming they’re a Starbucks fan!), but these gift card envelopes are perfect no matter which one is your favorite coffee shop. Just print and cut along the outside line of each template. Use a hobby knife to cut along the short line on […]

Scented playdough {101 Days of Christmas}

Scented Playdough

This scented playdough is a great stocking stuffer, and my girls have already asked me to make them some for their stockings…even though they’ve been playing with this batch already. Homemade playdough is also surprisingly easy to make, and the addition of kid-safe essential oils offers not just a fun experience for their senses but can […]

DIY body butter {101 Days of Christmas}

DIY Body Butter

We’ve made shaving cream and aftershave for the guys, and today we’ve got a creamy and luxurious body butter that Christina from Plant Therapy whipped up! Body butter is a thick and creamy alternative to everyday lotion, and with a combination of lotions and oils, it doesn’t just feel good on your skin but actually […]