Handwritten printable gift tags {101 Days of Christmas}

Growing up, we always bought the packs of colorful, illustrated “Santa” tags for $1-2, but I love that the internet makes it so easy to find pretty, trendy tags that match your style without the designer price of some of the high end brands in the store. This year, I’m excited to use these “handwritten” […]

Hot cocoa in a jar {101 Days of Christmas}

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this idea since I made meringue angel kisses a few weeks ago, and sure enough, these little jars turned out just like store-bought individual hot chocolate packets…except so much cuter! To start, I modified the Alton Brown hot cocoa mix from our first 101 Days of Christmas to make individual servings. […]

DIY shaving cream & aftershave {101 Days of Christmas}

Create a shaving kit for the men in your life with this DIY shaving cream and aftershave! Actually, who am I kidding? DIY shaving cream and this refreshing aftershave would make a great gift for a woman too! Scent both products with classic Christmas scents like peppermint, choose something fresh like vanilla and orange, or mix […]

Printable take-out boxes {101 Days of Christmas}

I think this may be one of my favorite printables to date, and I’m already dreaming up how I can use them for passing out Christmas goodies this year, especially since they’re the perfect size for my nonpareils! Simply print out the template of your choice on regular paper (for a light gift, like a […]

DIY lip scrub and lip balm {101 Days of Christmas}

Homemade toiletries are a popular DIY project for good reason: not only does making your own allow you to control the ingredients to avoid those that are toxic or questionable, but it’s also much less expensive than buying them. This homemade lip scrub and lip balm would make a great addition to a stocking or a little […]