Three ways to serve your local community {101 Days of Christmas}

While our family has taken the opportunity to raise money to purchase farm animals for families around the world through World Vision—both through the girls’ hot cocoa stand (which raised $120!) and the fundraiser here at Life Your Way—I think it’s important to look for ways to serve our local communities as well. Here are a […]

A peaceful Christmas playlist {101 Days of Christmas}

We’ve been playing Christmas music since we put up our tree on October 31st (and we’ve been known to play it at random times throughout the year!). I know that’s a big no-no for many people, so out of respect for your sensibilities, I waited until today to share this Spotify playlist with you. {Although if […]

Why buy fair trade + a World Vision Gift Catalog giveaway {101 Days of Christmas}

This giveaway is now closed! The winner is Sarah (imascubagirl@…)! I love Amazon as much as the next guy. In fact, I probably love Amazon more than the next guy. It’s convenient, saves me money and has pretty much anything you could ever want for sale. Which is really helpful when you live in the boonies and don’t […]

Hot cocoa stand for charity {101 Days of Christmas}

The other day we got a letter from our sponsored child in India, and it included a little pamphlet about the World Vision Gift Catalog. The girls immediately began to read about giving ducks and goats and chickens and cows to families around the world and, without any prompting from me, started hatching a plan. They […]

ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas {101 Days of Christmas}

With early sunsets and cold evenings, we enjoy family movie night a little more often in December, and I’m already making lists of which movies we’ll be watching from this year’s 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family. I absolutely love Polar Express, and watching it together is one of our annual Christmas traditions, but we also […]

Honor the fallen with Wreaths Across America {101 Days of Christmas}

Our girls are part of our local American Heritage Girls troop, and I love the emphasis on serving the community and honoring our country. Last year we did those things through many different events, and one of my favorites was the wreath ceremony that took place at a local cemetery in Winchester, VA. There were many Civil War […]

Farm animals for Christmas {101 Days of Christmas}

As I’ve mentioned before, giving is important to our family all year long, but we especially love to give at Christmastime, when it’s too easy to fall into the trap of commercialism and wanting more things. This year at Life Your Way, we’re sharing our Christmas to provide farm animals to families in need. Yes, farm animals! By giving […]

50+ traditions to inspire your holidays {101 Days of Christmas}

In our house, we always say it’s not really Christmas until the candy cane cookies have been made! Our family is big on traditions. We believe that traditions — things you do again and again and look forward to each year with anticipation — build the strongest memories and carry the most meaning. Whether those […]