Using an All-in-One Computer in the Kitchen

I’ve talked about using an Intel-powered all-in-one computer as a work computer in place of my laptop and for family entertainment already. But there’s one other place where I’m really enjoying this computer: the kitchen. If you’ve been a Life Your Way reader for very long, you probably already know how much I love Plan […]

Family Entertainment on an All-in-One Computer

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I am planning to use the Dell XPS 18 as a work computer in place of my laptop. However, we’ve also discovered that it makes a fantastic family computer: the 18″ touch screen offers the interactivity of tablets and smartphones but at a scale that makes it perfect […]

5 Techy Tools for New (and New Again) Parents

The following post is from Lauren Rothlisberger of Get Me Geeky: This post is dedicated to brand new Jackson Jeremiah! Welcome to the world little man. Much like Mandi, I welcomed a new baby boy into our home this spring. Ever since Will’s birth I keep thinking about how much has changed since my first […]

5 Mac Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

The following post is from Lauren Rothlisberger of Get Me Geeky: As the school year kicks off again and life seems to get more complicated, I thought I would offer you a couple tips that seem to make my life just a bit easier. A minute saved in a minute earned, right? 1. Grab Grab […]

Why I Download Files to My Desktop

Last week, Lauren talked about 5 ways to clean up your Mac, and while talking about cleaning out your downloads folder, she said, “Ideally your downloads folder is the landing place for all your downloaded files — not your desktop, right?” Funny enough, while I know popular advice is to use the downloads folder for […]