Easy editorial calendar planning for bloggers

Easy editorial calendar planning for bloggers

I don’t talk a lot about blogging, but I do share a few tips here and there, so if you’re not a blogger, this is one of those posts you may want to skip! For those of you who do blog, this one tip has made the biggest difference in my life and my blog […]

My Secret Blogging Weapon: The Blog Break


Burnout is a slow process. It doesn’t happen overnight; it happens one blog post, one stressful day, one hurtful comment, one moment at a time. It happens to writers and creatives and entrepreneurs. And it can kill a blog, a business, even a family. Honestly, the formula for avoiding burnout is simple, but that doesn’t […]

Social Media Should Feed Your Soul


All kinds of things can be said about social media — good, bad and in-between. It’s true that social media has enabled affairs that might not have otherwise happened, has made cyber bullying a very real concern for children in the new millennium and causes people to compare their lives to others and embrace discontent, […]