How to have the perfect Mother’s Day

How to have the perfect Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, posts abound across the blogosphere about what mom really wants (sleep!), how to celebrate the moms in your life, the joy of motherhood, and so on. I’m not here with a gift guide or a sarcastic post about the amount of sleep I’m not getting or to wax eloquent about […]

Abandoning goals during the first trimester {April Goal Review}


I am just days away from officially welcoming the second trimester, and it can’t come soon enough! This has been my hardest pregnancy by far…a sinus infection magnified all of my pregnancy symptoms, leaving me bedridden and miserable for almost two weeks; I’ve spent much time huddled on the bathroom floor, alternately anticipating and dreading throwing […]

Why, yes, we DO have our hands full!

Why, yes, my hands ARE full!

Easter this year didn’t go quite as planned. Instead of Easter lunch and an egg hunt with Sean’s mom’s side of the family (something we’ve done every year for the last 9 years), the kids and I headed to church without Sean, grabbed pizza and Starbucks, visited urgent care and then grocery shopped and filled […]

When you find yourself in the middle

When you find yourself in the middle

On most divisive issues—politics, health, parenting, food, vaccines—I tend to fall somewhere in the middle. For a long time, I’ve felt alone in this middle space. The people at the ends are loud (and let’s face it, often obnoxious). They talk about the issue more, yell louder, and often criticize those of us who refuse […]