37 Eat Well, Spend Less Potluck Dishes for Summer

This month’s Eat Well, Spend Less theme entertaining on a budget, and we’re talking about parties, barbecues, picnics and more. Jessica’s got advice for throwing summer parties on a budget, and Carrie has a ton of great tips for preventing food waste at picnics, so it seemed appropriate to chime in with some healthy potluck […]

46 Ways to Serve Fruits & Veggies at Snacktime {Eat Well, Spend Less}

This month’s Eat Well, Spend Less theme is the embracing the transition from winter to spring in your kitchen! For better or worse, snacktime is a big deal in our house, and our girls look forward to their mid-morning and post-quiet time snack every. single. day. Since we’re already preparing three meals a day, delicious […]

35 Easy, Overnight Breakfasts for the Holidays {Eat Well, Spend Less}

This month’s Eat Well, Spend Less theme is food for the holidays! While overnight dishes are my favorite ones to serve on Christmas because they allow me to focus on my family while still serving a delicious meal, they’re not just for Christmas morning! Overnight breakfasts are perfect for the entire holiday season, with its […]

Save Time in the Kitchen with a Little Prep Work {Eat Well, Spend Less}

As our family has taken baby steps to better eating habits over the past couple of years — reducing and eliminating processed foods that were previously staples in our kitchen — I’ve found myself spending a lot more time in the kitchen. Although I’m learning to enjoy cooking as I experiment and learn more, I […]

Once-a-Month Menu Planning & Shopping {Eat Well, Spend Less}

This month’s Eat Well, Spend Less theme is all about back-to-school, with plenty of menu planning tips, meal ideas and more. As part of my commitment to simplifying for fall and putting some better routines and discipline in place for our family, I decided to go back to menu planning for a full month at […]