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3 Popular Murphy Bed Designs: How to Choose the One That Meets Your Needs?

Most people know what Murphy beds are. They have been around for multiple decades, and the company has done so well for itself because their models are relatively inexpensive and long-lasting. There is also the notable convenience factor. You can easily fold them up and get them out of the way during the day when you are not using them. 

You may be thinking about installing one of the great pull-down beds from Murphy in a guest room or one of the other bedrooms in your house. How can you choose from the various designs, though? 

Let us talk about three popular ones and where you might install them. 

The Murphy Bed with Storage Additions 

Let’s say you have a studio apartment or a one-bedroom. You might want a Murphy bed for yourself, or there may be just enough room for both a single bed and one for guests. 

If you have both a Murphy bed and one additional bed in a relatively small space, that may not leave a lot of additional room for storage. If you have some clothing or other items, you may be hard-pressed to come up with a place to put them, especially if there is not enough room for a large dresser. 

A Murphy bed that comes with storage makes sense in these instances. There are certain models that come with either drawers or shelves underneath. If you get one, you can stash your winter clothes in the drawers, or you might leave them empty for any guests who use the bed.  

The Wall-Mounted Murphy Bed 

The wall-mounted Murphy bed is one of the most popular models the company makes. These are ones that you can mount on the wall and then fold down whenever you’re ready to go to sleep. 

These beds can be real-life savers, especially if you’ve rented a small one-bedroom apartment or a studio in a big city like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. In time, you might be able to afford a larger space. For now, you will feel glad you have a Murphy bed that you can fold up and out of the way when you’re done using it each morning. 

The Convertible Murphy Bed 

The convertible Murphy bed is another popular option that’s worth looking over if you need somewhere convenient to sleep. Convertible Murphy beds work as places where you can lie down, but they can also double as other pieces of furniture in spaces where there is not room enough for both. 

You might get one that you can convert into a sofa or desk during the day. You can lie on the sofa if you’re reading a book, taking a nap, or watching TV. You might use it as a desk if you’re working from home

Any of these might do well if you have limited living space. Look at the different models available for sale, and make sure you measure your apartment or studio before you buy one.