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4 Tips to Crack Your Next Programming Interview

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Programming isn’t easy to learn and much harder to master. This is a common myth circulating in today’s society. Programming has become easier and easier to learn. Mastery, however, still needs quite a bit of practice. You should still keep in mind that getting good enough to upskill yourself is always within your reach, especially with modern devices and technology.

According to a survey conducted in 2019, almost 214 thousand programming jobs have opened up. Although this is a dip from the previous year by almost 9%, it is expected to rise this year due to the movement towards a more digitized world post corona.  Source: US BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS

When it comes to attending a programming interview, there are a few things you could keep in mind to make your workload a lot lighter and reduce the total effort you must put. Here they are listed out for you to read:

1. Maintain a healthy schedule:

Sleep, eat, and work at fixed times. Your brain processes information best when it has enough sleep. Sleep for 6 – 8 hours every day for maximum brain function. Eating well is not just for pictures on Instagram, but it helps immensely in keeping your mind and body healthy to code and solve complex problems quickly. 

Most importantly, doing these actions at fixed times ensures that your body is accustomed to giving it all at certain times of the day and relaxing at others. This will be your best power when taking an interview as your brain will be ready to perform at the maximum processing speed that it can.

2. Learn your basics:

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When learning to code, you must be adept at the mechanics of the language. Know what it’s weaknesses and strengths are and how you can work around them. Most professional programmers know around three languages quite well, all used for different fields.

Python can be used for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, C is an Assembly level programming tool, and C# and javascript are used for graphics and back-end and front-end development, respectively. To learn more about Programming languages like Java, join a Java course online today.

Being sure about the smallest detail of the language you are using will ensure that you aren’t stuck in any question while programming.

3. Practice your codes:

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When getting prepped for your interview, there is nothing healthier than trying out a few codes here and there to jog up your memory and see if there’s a part that you aren’t thorough in or are lacking at. 

Sometimes, the problem you might face will be because not many codes are available at your level. You can keep your fears aside for now with the introduction of interview kickstart coding problems. They give you several problems to rack your brains on and also provide solutions and clues. What’s more, they give you several methods of solving so that you may see different approaches and their pros and cons without having to put any effort. To top it off, it’s all free.

4. Final steps:

The final steps you must take on your journey to establish a successful interview is to take a few mock interviews and interview etiquette and formalities.

Mock interviews are quite hard to be a part of. With very few real mock interviews happening, it can be very stressful to find one to join. However, with the help of Interview kickstart, you will get access to several mocks.

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Apart from mocks, you must also remember to dress for the occasion. Dressing completely formal is recommended, and keeping your hair well kept and maintaining a formal demeanor is required of you.

Within a world moving towards mass digitization, a programmer’s role is becoming much more necessary and diverse, with hundreds if not thousands of related fields emerging.

Being a part of this revolution will definitely give your career explosive growth and give you a peek into the next great change through the midst of it all.

With developments and growth in this field being seen every day, it is not surprising that job opportunities and pay in this field steadily continue to rise, pointing to a brighter future.

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