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By Håkan Dahlström

5 Free Travel Helper Apps for iOS & Android

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By Håkan Dahlström
By Håkan Dahlström

I am a big advocate for going tech-lite while you are on vacation, especially if your gadgets tend to be more of a distraction than a help. But with the right apps, your mobile device can be an indispensable tool during your family vacation. Here are five FREE  apps available on both iOS and Android that you may find helpful on your next vacation.


Traveler’s guides are a mainstay for many tourists while they’re checking out a new city but they’re often cumbersome to take with you. Triposo gives you a whole library of interactive travel guides right in the palm of your hand.

Select your destination and download an entire library of traveler’s information right onto your smart device. This robust application also allows you to create itineraries and travel logs and share these with your friends and family as you’re traveling.

Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder

Want to get out and about? Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder can help you find state and national parks near you or in any location you choose. The best way to get to any national park is by SUV rental car that are presented in a wide range on Are you looking for a park that offers a particular activity, like hiking or caving? You can search for parks based on activity. Oh, Ranger! will give you a brief history and summary of the park you selected, and directions to the park. Some listings include maps of the park itself.

Swim Guide

Who doesn’t like to go swimming during the summer? Swim Guide will help you find the nearest lake or beach using the GPS location function or you can search via name. The guide tells you everything you need to know about the beach, including directions and current water conditions.

Go Select

Standing in line waiting to buy tickets to tourist attractions is probably one of the more boring — and time consuming — parts of any vacation. Cut back on the time and money spent by buying tickets through Go Select, a mobile website that allows you to buy tickets to great tourist attractions for less than their retail price. You can create your own customized pass with the attractions you choose. Go Select is available for Boston, Miami, Chicago, New York, Orlando, Oahu, and San Francisco. Go Select is available as an iOS app and is accessible via browser on Android.

Sit or Squat 

It’s every traveler’s worst nightmare: you hear nature’s call (or is that just the sound of your little one with the impossibly small bladder?) and you have no idea where the nearest publicly accessible bathroom is. Sit or Squat (sponsored by Charmin) comes to your rescue by helping you find the closest public bathrooms. Each listing includes hours for the establishment, a phone number (if available), and a rating. Users rate the bathrooms with as either a green “Sit” — meaning it is clean and well-maintained — or red “Squat” — meaning you’re probably better off finding a better bathroom.

If you are not interested to buy this app and if you are happening to be in the Balkans and would like to join some experience, join “Sarajevo Free Tour” with Meet Bosnia Tours.

Do you have any favorite apps that help you out while you’re on vacation? Share them here!

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