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Image by icsilviu from Pixabay

5 Reasons Electric Scooters Are the Most Popular Ride for Young Adults

5 Reasons Electric Scooters Are So Popular

Electric scooters are all the rage in Australia and other continents – and rightly so! They have found a large customer base in teens and young adults. Here are the top 5 reasons for their popularity:


As e-scooters use electricity as fuel, they don’t require petroleum-based fuel. Electricity is much cheaper than petroleum-based fuels and can save electric scooter owners a lot of money in fuel expenses.

Moreover, they don’t need paid parking spots either. Most urban centers provide free parking for electric scooters. You wouldn’t need to hurry up and leave before the hour completes to save the parking fee. 

You wouldn’t need a parking spot in your apartment either. You can take your electric scooter inside the building and park it in the hallway right outside your door. 

Easy and Fun to Ride

E-scooters are the easiest vehicle to ride. Anyone can learn to ride them in a matter of minutes. The ease of use is a huge factor in their popularity.

Nostalgia also adds to their popularity. As most adults and young adults in 2021 rode scooters back in the 90s, too, electric scooters remind them of the fun they used to have in their childhood. Although electric scooters are more popular among the younger population, people of all ages can ride them. 

A huge variety of electric scooters for adults in the market can be found that cater to their various needs and requirements.

Don’t Require a License 

This is a major factor in e-scooters’ popularity among teens. Most teens don’t have a license as they don’t have the means to buy and afford a car. On the other hand, e-scooters are much more economical and don’t even require a license, making them preferable compared to cars. 

Environmentally Friendly

Most youngsters are environmentally conscious. They practice green living in as many aspects of life as they can. Since electric scooters are also green as they emit zero gases, they fit right into the environment-friendly lifestyle. 

Easy to Maintain

Compared to vehicles, electric scooters are much easier and cheaper to maintain. While e-scooter repair shops are popping up for those too busy to repair their e-scooters themselves, it is incredibly easy to maintain an e-scooter. 

All they need is a regular battery charge to keep running, air filling in tires to run smoothly, and a wipe of a cloth to stay clean. Moreover, their batteries are replaceable and constantly improving, making it easy to upgrade an e-scooter. 

Trends come and go, but the popularity of electric scooters has only been increasing since they were launched. It is because electric scooters are more than a trend. They are popular because they define how people have begun to move in urban spaces. 

More and more young people are deciding to live a solo lifestyle. Electric scooters provide a compact, practical and economical, and, not to mention, green vehicle to these youngsters, which fits all their lifestyle needs.

Featured Image by icsilviu from Pixabay