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6 Things You Should Ask Your Employer Before A Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocations can be exciting but a lot of work at the same time.

There are so many things to consider,

Where will I live?

Will I get a raise?

Not everybody will be open to moving for a job, and those who are willing should have sufficient help at hand.

It is important to be familiar with all aspects of a corporate relocation before you make such an important decision.

Let us take a look at six things you should ask your employer before a corporate relocation.

1. Area of Relocation

Your employer should inform you of the area you will be relocating to for your new job.

It will play a crucial role in your decision to accept the role – especially if you are settled with family in your old location.

Some other factors to consider include,

  • Friends or connections in the new location.
  • Transport facility or availability of public transport to the new office.
  • Availability of amenities.
  • Presence of extended family members or relatives.
  • Daycare or babysitting services if you have kids.

Your company should be able to give you information regarding this and provide you with resources as well.

2. Your Job Position

While in some cases, employees who are relocating may continue in the same role, others might be bumped up to a better position or get new responsibilities.

It is important to be familiar with your new job position before you agree to a corporate relocation.

You can ask your employer to give you a detailed account which outlines all your responsibilities – including the hours you will have to devote to the job.

Your employer can also connect you to a responsible corporate relocation to help with moving out.

3. Connections

Moving to an entirely new area by yourself can be isolating, and it is important to have some connections.

If the company you are working at has several branches, you can consider asking your employer for people you can connect to on a business level or those who can help you adjust to your new role.

Professional connections can really help you thrive in your company and prepare you for potential challenges and obstacles.

4. Starting Date

You should ask your employer about when you are expected to start your new job or role.

This will help you plan all the necessary preparations for the relocation.

In case you are facing problems or need more time, you should ask if the date can be postponed or if other necessary arrangements can be made.

5. Temporary Housing

It is unlikely that you will be able to find permanent housing immediately if the corporate relocation is taking place fast.

Ask your employer to make arrangements for temporary housing till you can settle down and find a suitable home. This also includes a place to store your goods and property.

6. Corporate Relocation Package

The company you work at should provide you with a corporate relocation package for your moving costs.

There are several types of relocation packages. It can be a fixed amount of money that covers the costs partially or fully. The company can also arrange for periodic deposits as and when needed during the moving process.

Make sure your employer fully discloses the package you will receive. If you feel like the amount isn’t enough, you can also negotiate with your employer for an updated package.


Clarifying everything with your employer beforehand can help make the whole process of corporate relocation much smoother.

Make sure you are clear about your needs and requirements, and speak up if you feel like you aren’t being compensated enough.

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