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7 Easy Ways to Achieve A Calm State of Mind

A lot of people go through stress-inducing triggers throughout their day. Whether it’s at work or home, everyday people get put through stressful moments, which can significantly affect their mindset, and put them in a negative mood. And once they’re in that mood, they have a hard time coming out of it. Many people assume the best solution for such a problem is to cut out all the negative aspects of one’s life. And while that is effective, it isn’t completely efficient, as the world is filled with surprises and unexpected events, that you are bound to come across some sort of negativity. Therefore, you will have to learn to cope with these negative aspects and move past them and achieve a calm state of mind. You may draw positivity through yoga or reading various forms of soothing love quotes. You should adopt whatever best soothes you. But if you are not sure what it is that best calms you down, don’t worry. In this article, we will list seven easy ways to achieve a calm state of mind.           

 #7- Meditation

 Meditation can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people. Some might perceive mediation and monotone continues humming while in a relaxed state of mind. Others view meditation as focusing on breathing patterns. For others, meditation is yoga. There are many ways one can meditate, and it all relates back to what makes you comfortable. Take the time to research the different forms of meditation and see which one best suits you. Once you find one you are comfortable with, make sure to practice it a few times a week. Meditation is a great way to achieve a calm state of mind because you allow yourself some time out of the day to yourself and your thoughts. This is important for cleansing your spirit and getting the excess thoughts out of your mind and body.

 #6- Exercise and Sports


Exercise to reduce stress
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Regularly exercising has a lot of mental benefits besides the obvious physical and health benefits. Various studies have proven the benefits that exercise has on a person’s mind and demeanor. Exercise is a great way to let off stress, steam, and excess energy. As for playing sports, that too has its benefits! Sports, and especially team sports, are great for confidence building and teamwork building as well. Once you become a part of a sport and regularly participate in local team competitions or just a sports club amongst friends, you will appreciate the sport even more. Eventually, you will look forward to your nearest sports events or sports game, which is a great way to uplift your spirit and give you something to be excited about besides the typical social and work events.

 #5- Take Some Time Away 

Sometimes the most annoying of stress triggers might be things that you can’t completely change. Maybe the constant fast-paced rush of your city is annoying you. Or the stress at work is too much for you to handle. Maybe you just need some time away from your friends and family. This is not a bad thing. Everybody will tend to feel that way every once in a while. If you happen to be feeling like that, then take some time off and plan a vacation somewhere. Choose somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. You can go on this trip by yourself, or choose a friend or a partner to go on this trip with you. Go with whatever you think will make your mind most at ease. 

#4- Start to Write 

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Writing is a great way to release stress. By getting your thoughts out on pen and paper, you help get that mental load off your mind and make it easier for you to be at ease. You don’t always have to write about what’s bothering you, though. You can write about anything. You can even write fiction and creative stories! Really, it’s the process of writing that helps, which is another form of meditation. Allocating that small window of time for yourself to be by yourself, one with your thoughts and emotions, constantly churning them out slowly and with comfort. 

#3- Have Someone to Talk To 

Keeping your thoughts and emotions bottled up is never a good thing to do. It can take a toll on your body and your mind. Keeping your thoughts inside and to yourself will only build them up to the point of boiling pressure. Instead, try talking to someone about what’s bothering you. This person can be a professional therapist, a family member, friend, or partner. The point is to find someone that you are comfortable talking with. That’s the important part. You may be comfortable talking to your friend about something that you may not necessarily be comfortable talking to your family about—understanding whom to talk to and what is important. But what’s important is to talk to them and get that stuff off your chest and achieve that calm state of mind. 

#2- Play Some Music and Do Your Favorite Activity 

Relaxing is all about doing the stuff you like. If you find yourself upset and tangled up, just go back to doing what best made you comfortable and relaxed. Play some calm, soothing music, and order your favorite food from your favorite restaurant. Put in a movie, call up a friend, hang out, or go for a walk outside and take in the fresh air. Really it’s all about you and what makes you calm and comfortable. 

#1- Start a Hobby 

Finally, starting a hobby is great to keep your mind preoccupied with fun and exciting stuff. This hobby can be sports or writing, as mentioned above, but they can be other things. Depending on your likes and interests, a hobby can be anything that is appealing to you and that you can do regularly and effortlessly, and that works on calming you down!

Featured Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay