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7 Simple Tricks That Will Make Gamers Better

E-sports is a rapidly growing industry, with some E-sports tournaments awarding millions of dollars in prize money to the winners, and it is not hard to understand why that is the case. The gaming industry has changed significantly in the past two decades, with the number of gamers, both online and traditional players, increased significantly. One can attribute some of the success for this on social media, but improved graphics and ease of access are the main reasons for this rapid growth. Sites and platforms like Battlelog and Twitch have sprung up, with a primary focus on connecting gamers across the globe.

But with the rise in the number of gamers, the competition has also grown fierce, making it difficult for players to match up to the levels of pro-gamers no matter how much time they invest in their gameplay. Here are seven simple tricks that one can apply and see a significant improvement in their gameplay in no time.

1. Break up your day

Burnout is one of the most common issues with serious gamers. If an individual is playing for six hours a day, even casually, it is always better to break it up and schedule their gaming time. By spreading the gaming hours through the day and taking breaks in between, one would prevent burnout from happening.

2. Find a newbie to train.

Being a mentor is a proven way for self-improvement. This is called the Protégé effect, where when tutoring, the mentor also recalls the important facts and information that they might have put back into their minds. And another set of eyes is always helpful in problem-solving; even if the newbie would not be much of help initially, a fresh perspective is always beneficial.

3. Open up the window

This is one of the most ignored things which really should not be the case. A body needs nutrients daily, and a healthy body is vital for a healthy mind. By allowing natural sunlight and air inside the room, a gamer can help boost their cognitive ability, especially in the present time when going outside is risky and not recommended unless it is important.

4. Analyze the play

A benefit of so many streaming options in the present market is that it allows players to record their gaming session and store it for future analysis, which is vital for improving their gameplay. By watching their gameplay, gamers can quickly learn what mistakes they made and how they can do better; they can also strategize for future play. If one wants to improve their gameplay, analyzing their gameplay is important, and one should do it as often as possible.

5. Play with strangers

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Playing with friends and acquaintances is obviously fun, and one can easily discuss their strategy with people they already know of. But playing with strangers has an added benefit of its own. Not only would one be forced to take charge of the team if they are the most experienced player in the squad, which would significantly improve one’s communication skills and leadership skills, but one can also incorporate the successful gaming strategy of a stranger in their gameplay. One should always be ready to learn to improve their gameplay, and playing with Randoms can provide this opportunity.

6. Optimize the gaming space

A clean gaming space is a key to a clear mind space. To improve their gameplay, one must reduce as much ‘loud’ possible from their gaming space. Similarly, a solid and comfortable back chair and good body posture are also vital if one wants to perform their best in a game.

7. Stay Hydrated

Maintaining a high hydration level is another crucial factor that would significantly impact a gamer’s playing activity. If someone is dehydrated, studies have shown that their cognitive abilities get impacted negatively, reducing the concentration levels and affecting the motor skills. So, stay hydrated for a better result in your gameplay.

When you are new to gaming, you should look for simple tricks to become a pro gamer. You can keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and keep playing to get better at gaming. Just make sure to find your interest and engage yourself in gaming to play like a pro. 

Featured Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay