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Breeder, Pound or Rescue – Where to Go for A Puppy

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If you are ready to introduce a new puppy into your household, you have some big decisions to make. One of these is where you should get your puppy. Hopefully, the pet store is not on your list with their puppy mills and inflated prices. They should simply not be an option.

Your real choices should be between breeders, local pounds, and animal rescues. Look at your different options below so that you can make a smart decision.

Buy From a Breeder

First, we will look at buying from a dog breeder. This is a very popular option, and you likely have dozens, if not hundreds, of breeders within driving distance of you.

The Good

The great thing about going through a breeder is getting the exact dog you are looking for. You can fall in love with any dog, so why not pick a breed that you have always wanted. Have you always wanted a Mastiff or a Bichon Frise? Get one.

Another perk is that you can get an actual puppy. Most dogs in rescues and animal shelters will be older dogs. Sure, when you get a puppy, you have to start from scratch with training, but you also do not have to correct any bad habits. Besides, puppies are just plain cute, and everyone should experience raising one at some point.

The Bad

Expense is the biggest negative with breeders. Purebred dogs can cost thousands of dollars, and this is a lot of money to come out of pocket for. Sure, you could finance a puppy from someplace like, but that still leaves you with a hefty monthly payment.

Wait times will also be longer with a breeder. The odds are that they will not have a litter of pups ready to go. You might have to wait weeks, if not months, to take home a puppy. With popular breeds, it is even possible that you might have to put a deposit down, sight unseen.

Adopt From a Pound

Next, have a look at the pound or animal shelter option. Most cities have their own animal shelter, and there are numerous nonprofits operating throughout the country as well.

The Good

The best thing about adopting an animal from a local animal shelter is that you would be doing a good thing. These are animals in need, and you can give them a second chance at life.

Price is another perk, as this is probably the cheapest option out there. Most shelters have a small feed to adopt, but it is usually only a few hundred dollars. This fee is often waived if the shelter gets to capacity or holds a special event.

The Bad

Breed selection is the biggest problem with shelter dogs. Most animals at the pound will be mixed breeds. This is not necessarily a horrible thing, but if you have a certain breed in mind, you face an uphill battle in finding them.

You must also think about behavioral issues with an animal at a shelter. These animals have had a tough break and need a second chance, but that could be risky. If you have kids or other pets, you might end up with an animal that just does not get along with the pack.

Adopt a puppy
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Rescue A Pet

Finally, look at a rescue organization. These are nonprofits that take in animals of one particular breed.

The Good

If you want a purebred dog, this is how to get one for cheap. Some rescues will take in mixes, but most of the animals that you will find will be purebred. The average price for a rescue animal is roughly $500. A bit more than a pound would charge, but much less than you would pay at a breeder.

Just like with an animal shelter, you would also be doing a good thing by adopting a rescue dog. These dogs are usually being fostered and are not as desperately in need as a shelter dog, but they still need a forever home.

The Bad

The worst part about going the rescue route is being put under a microscope. Rescues do not just hand their animals over to anyone. They will check with your HOA or your landlord to make sure you can have pets. They will talk to your current veterinarian if you already have an animal, and they will even do an in-home visit. It is almost like adopting a human child.

Additionally, there is virtually no way that you will be able to find a puppy. People just do not give up puppies to a rescue. If you have your heart set on a puppy, your chances are slim.

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