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Cyber Security: The Job Everybody Wishes for in 2021

Who doesn’t want a job that pays them well? Who doesn’t like to go to work every day with a feeling of excitement and come back with a feeling of deep contentment? Everyone does. There is no professional in the world who wants to be stuck at a job that makes them want to rip their hair off or jump from the office building. No one wants to be a professional who can be replaced by a cheaper and more efficient computer. If you too don’t want to do a job that fries you at the end of every day for too little money and satisfaction, then make cyber security your new profession. A career in cyber security is everything you could ask for and more. You want high job security. You got it. You want a salary that makes your friends jealous. You got it. You want adventure and respect at your job. You got it both. Those who have worked in cyber security for a while swear by the benefits offered by this industry. These are two of the most notable merits of pursuing a well-known cyber security course like CEH certification. However, they apply to all careers in this field. 

The options are plenty: 

A job in cyber security means you can explore as many branches of it as you like. If you want to specialize in cloud security, you are welcome. If you are interested in forensic analysis and investigation, go right ahead. If you want to try your hand at cyber incident response, be our guest. No one can stop you from learning new things and exploring new fields in this industry. If you work as a network security analyst for a year and then decide that you would like to attack more than defend. You can learn ethical hacking online as an added skill without having to worry about starting from scratch. In cyber security, all the skills are linked to each other. Having experience in one benefits you if you choose to settle in another.

It will pay for itself in no time: 

The first thing that comes to mind when selecting a profession is how much it will pay you. If you do the cost-benefit analysis of any cybersecurity profession, then you will find yourself smiling and hopeful. The investment you will put in learning cyber security will look like peanuts in front of the returns you will get when you start working. Suppose you compare your cyber security job with most other IT jobs in terms of the current pay scale and the growth rate of the pay scale. In that case, you will feel extremely proud of having decided to pick cyber security as your career companion. Consider this:

  • A Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator gets paid $88,000.
  • A Certified Ethical Hacker is paid $90,000 on average.
  • A Certified Security Analyst earns around $92,000.
  • A Network Security Administrator makes about $92,000 per year.

And these are just the last updated figures that will increase with a time quicker than you can imagine due to the rising demand for cyber security professionals. The average CEH salary has already gone beyond $105,000 a year.

There are more benefits to a cyber security career than you could ever fit in your gratitude book. If you desire a beneficial lifestyle on all fronts and takes care of your present and your future on this planet, then choosing cyber security is the best decision you can make.

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