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Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Case

Life sometimes takes an unexpected turn. You may have given your all to your marriage, but divorce is imminent. Maybe you want to start a business and want to ensure that all your legal bases are covered. You may be a cautious and careful driver, but the recklessness of another caused an accident that injured you. Or, you may have a loved one who got caught up in something illegal and is in desperate need of your help. When you’re in trouble in life, it’s often necessary to turn to an experienced lawyer. The legal profession is divided into specialized areas. Lawyers train for years to learn the fundamentals of the law in their state. After graduating from law school and passing the Bar exam, they go on to master a specific area of law in-depth. Here are five types of lawyers that can help you through your situation:

1. Family lawyer

You never thought that your marriage would end in divorce, but you are ready to face the reality that it is best for you and your spouse to spit up. As you dissolve the marriage, it is essential that you look after your material interests and parental rights. Hiring a family lawyer in Richmond will ensure that you get your share of the marriage assets and that you are given the financial support you need until you can re-establish your career. A family lawyer will also ensure that your right to parent your child is not infringed. And that if you are the custodial parent, that you receive adequate child support.

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You should choose a lawyer who has experience in dealing with cases like yours and with people who are in your situation. If you are going through a high net worth divorce, for example, you should hire a lawyer who handles such cases.

2. Business lawyer

Business law
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If you have decided to go into business for yourself, there are many legal matters you will need to take care of. You will need incorporation documents drawn up. You will also need to ensure that your operations and employment practices conform to the law. You might also need to gather and use information on factors that affect a company’s competitive advantage which in this case you might need the assistance of a corporate intelligence law firm.

These specialized legal tasks require the skills of an experienced business lawyer. Attorneys like Cory Briggs San Diego lawyers, who specialize in representing small businesses throughout Southern California, are an appropriate choice. Business owners who need legal help will have the greatest chance of success when they hire a business-focused attorney.

3. Personal Injury

If you’re in an accident that causes serious injury to you or your loved ones, the recovery process can take weeks, months, or even years. You’ll need to start thinking about the financial consequences and whether or not someone else is liable. The person who caused the accident should be made to pay you compensation. A personal injury lawyer can help you get the money you deserve.

Most personal injury cases are settled out of court. You should not choose a personal injury lawyer based on the number of jury trial cases they have won but on the total amount of money they’ve gotten for their clients.

4. Traffic

Red light
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If you have received traffic citations that you believe are unfair, then you may want to contest them. To do this successfully, you’ll need a traffic lawyer on your side. A traffic lawyer can help you navigate your way through the process to have your infraction reduced to a less serious charge.

The most important quality to look for in a traffic lawyer is knowledge. The traffic laws in some jurisdictions are filled with loopholes that can be taken advantage of to the benefit of your case.

5. Criminal

Criminal defense
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Being charged with a crime is something few law-abiding people ever expect to happen to them. While this is a practical assumption, the justice system is not immune to making mistakes, and being charged with a crime you didn’t commit is a very real possibility. In such a situation, you need the services of criminal defense lawyers.

The best criminal defense lawyer is one with a long-established practice in the community. Such a lawyer will know all the prosecutors and judges who will be involved with the case, which will give them an advantage in defending you in court.

Most people don’t think about hiring a lawyer until something happens that forces their hand. It’s important to know that not all lawyers are good in all areas of the law. The lawyer you hire will depend on your situation.

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