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Four Business Uses of Residential Proxies

The number of companies and organizations using residential proxies is increasing daily. That’s because they have realized the importance of quality proxies for the effectiveness of their business. 

Not only do residential proxies help them get more accurate and faster results, but they also make certain activities possible. Using proxies has become more important than ever for online businesses.

How Residential Proxies Are Beneficial for Businesses

There are many reasons why businesses may want to use residential proxies. Before discussing the most common use cases, let’s get one thing clear – what are residential proxies?

Understanding Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are servers or apps that allow you to choose a specific location or country and then surf the net as if you’re a real resident of that region. They are intermediary servers that protect your online privacy and anonymity by hiding your actual IP address and location.

They do this by using their own IP addresses provided by the proxy source. Proxies take your web requests and send them to the destination server via their own IP address. The same happens when they take the responses from the sites on your behalf. This is how your online activity can stay hidden and your identity unknown.

What sets residential proxies apart is the level of privacy and anonymity they provide. Unlike other proxies, their IP addresses come from homeowners and internet service providers.

Premium residential proxies provide maximum anonymity and security, but you can also find good free proxies that can get the job done. This info might be useful to find a good free proxy list.

Top 4 Use Cases of Residential Proxies for Businesses

Now that you know how residential proxies work, let’s see their most common use cases in the business world:

Data scraping

Companies use web scraping to gather valuable information about their competitors. However, they must use bots to scrape data automatically instead of manually, which can take forever.

Since bots can send hundreds of requests per minute to the target website, they can easily be detected and banned. Most business site owners are not happy sharing their information with anyone, especially not with their competitors, so they use anti-bot or anti-scraping measures to keep their data to themselves.

That’s when residential proxies come into play. With their genuine IP addresses, they mimic real users, which allows businesses to perform large-scale scraping without being noticed or banned.

Brand protection

Counterfeiters can damage your business, so you need to find them and take legal action against them. However, they will most likely block access to their sites from your offices’ regions. So, finding them is not easy unless you buy a static residential proxy.

With this type of proxy, you can pick an IP address from any country in the world and detect possible counterfeiters. Using an IP address from their country allows you to get all the necessary data to take legal action against them.

Social media management

Most social media platforms limit the number of accounts per user. For example, you can have only one legitimate Facebook account and up to five on Instagram on the same device. But, social media managers need a lot more than one or five accounts to promote businesses.

That’s why they need proxies. With residential proxies, they can open and manage as many accounts as they want from a single device. They just need to ensure each account is opened and run from a different IP address.

Ad verification

With ad verification, businesses can ensure their ads are displayed on the right sites, at the right place, and seen by the right audience. This way, you can avoid wasting your advertisement funds and ruining your brand if your ads end up on sites containing illegal material.

However, ad fraudsters are familiar with ad verification, so they can block your IP address and prevent you from accessing their sites. That’s why you need residential proxies that will give you IP addresses from authentic users.

This way, you can access their sites anonymously and find out the information you need about your ads. Proxies can also help in ad localization.

In Conclusion

Residential proxies have become an invaluable tool for online businesses. The anonymity and privacy allow business owners and teams to gather accurate and fast results and make the right decisions.

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