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What are the top four technologies that your business needs?

Navigating the business landscape and staying on top of your competitors is no small feat when you’re a business owner. The U.S. has over 33 million businesses and gaining a competitive advantage over those in your sector requires innovative thinking and excellent technologies. 

Investing in tech is necessary for all as it can be utilized for improved efficiency, lower overhead costs, and better-quality products. Plus, it can help to improve your employee satisfaction. 

However, if your business isn’t regularly reviewing modern technologies, then knowing which ones are suitable for yours can be difficult. Fortunately, we know a thing or two about leading business technologies and have prepared this guide to help you, too. 

Continue reading to learn which technologies you should invest in and how they can drive your company forward. 

Hybrid working technologies

With over 40% of the American workforce currently in a hybrid role, you’ll want to ensure they’re fully equipped to complete tasks to a high standard while working from home. This working policy can boost productivity as well as improve healthy work/life balances, so it’s worth the investment. 

Some techs you may look to invest in include: 

  • Team collaboration applications like Microsoft Teams 
  • Hot desk booking systems
  • Task management tools
  • VPN and security solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools

AI tools are taking the world by storm and can be bought from reputable suppliers like RS Americas. These tools are known to automate basic tasks to free your team’s time and make your workspaces more environmentally friendly.

Leading AI technology you should consider getting include: 

Smart screens 

With so many modern working practices taking place online, everyone must have a dependable setup that makes it easy to work efficiently and to a high standard. Smart screens are a great way to do this as they extend digital workspaces and can be utilized for client or internal calls. 

We recommend giving each employee a portable laptop monitor if you’re looking to get the most out of them wherever the job takes them.

Ergonomic furniture 

If you’re a business that encourages employees to work from an office, then making them a positive and comfortable space is necessary. Ergonomic furniture is a great way to meet both of these expectations, with modern designs that look great while providing support for everyone’s posture. 

This is especially important if employees sit at desks all day and should help to boost their satisfaction when working in the office. 

We’re confident that each of these technologies can drive your business forward. They can improve employee happiness and productivity and enhance the quality of work completed day-to-day.