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source: Mandi Ehman

101 Days of Christmas: Handmade Decor {Roundup}

As part of this year’s 101 Days of Christmas series, I’m sharing a roundup with more ideas from around the blogosphere each Sunday!

I’m far from the craftiest person in the blogosphere, and my motto has always been, “If I can do this project, anyone can!” so most of our handmade decor ideas are super simple and easy.

For example, one of my all-time favorite handmade decor projects is this feather tree we made during the first year of the series. It was simple to make, but the bright red feathers were so soft, pretty, and unexpected!

This year, I thought it would be fun to showcase some of the other ideas that are out there. In reality, though, most of these are still pretty simple, which is good news for those of us with coordination issues.

Here are 10 more handmade decor ideas to inspire you as we head into the holiday season:

Winter Branch with Duct Tape Leaves

Winter Branch with Duct Tape Leaves {Handmade Decor Roundup at}

Book Page Trees

Book Page Trees {Handmade Decor Roundup at}

Yarn-Wrapped Trees

Yarn Wrapped Trees {Handmade Decor Roundup at}

Joy Bottles

Joy Bottles {Handmade Decor Roundup at}

DIY Burlap Garland

DIY Burlap Garland {Handmade Decor Roundup at}

Applique Christmas Tree Pillow

Applique Christmas Tree Pillow {Handmade Decor Roundup at}

DIY Holiday Plaques

DIY Holiday Plaques {Handmade Decor Roundup at}

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Rustic Ribbon Star

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Felted Sweater Holiday Trees

Felted Sweater Holiday Trees

I’m in love with those pinecone trees! Which handmade decor idea is your favorite? 

Join us as we celebrate 101 Days of Christmas with new DIY projects, gift ideas, traditions and more every day from now through Christmas!