101 Days of Christmas: Paper Star Ornaments
source: Mandi Ehman

101 Days of Christmas: Paper Star Ornaments

How to Fold Paper Stars

I saw this project in Family Fun over the summer with big stars for 4th of the July, and I knew small versions of these paper stars would be perfect ornaments for the wooden tree in our kitchen!

These are easy to make (albeit tedious if you’re making a dozen of them!), and you can easily customize them to match your home or holiday decor.

How to Fold Paper Stars


  • scrapbook paper, cut into 4″x4″ squares
  • scissors
  • double-stick tape
  • hot glue
  • ribbon or string


Fold paper in half diagonally (wrong sides together).

Rotate 90 degrees and fold in half along opposite diagonal.

Fold in half (right sides together).

Rotate 90 degrees and fold in half again.

Cut slits along each of the straight folds, a little less than halfway to the center.

Fold the corners in, lining them up carefully with the diagonal fold.

Overlap the flaps, using glue or double-sided tape to secure the points.

Repeat. Use hot glue to attach the two halves. Add a ribbon for hanging.

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  1. Hi Mandi, I´m happy to tell you that I´ve now made my first “star”..oh…our place will be filled of them so thank´s! I´m about to look around here at your place and pick more beautiful ideas 😉

  2. Oh..forgot to tell you that I posted this link on my blog, I hope that it was ok?

  3. By “overlap the flaps”, what exactly does that mean? I haven’t been able to figure it out, and I would really love to make these in preparation for Christmas this year.

  4. ditto!

  5. Hi Steph! If you look at the 6th picture (3rd picture down on the right side), you’ll see that there are two flaps sitting side by side for each of the points. If you go to the next picture, you’ll see that each point is then much thinner because those flaps have been overlap and secured to make the star 3D. Does that help?

  6. Thanks for that! I think I understand now, and I’ll have another go at it when I get the chance. Thanks again 🙂

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