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How to Pick Right Walking Shoes for Flat Feet Moms?

Well, as a mom, you may be experiencing chronic foot pain as a result of your flat feet condition. Yes, your feet need comfort before you take a walk. It gets better when you wear the right footwear with support to enhance your walking exercise.

So, the unsettling question is, what are the flat feet? It is whereby your feet lack arches, resulting in the affected foot’s sole being flat while on the ground. Frankly, it is a postural problem, with around 26% of the entire world population being victims.

Ideal walking shoes for flat feet mom should have excellent arch support. The role of an arch in the foot is to increase elasticity and springiness between the hindfoot and forefoot. Such an arrangement will facilitate better weight distribution.

Causes of Flat Feet

  • Family Genetics: Some characteristics prevail from the family history to downward generations.
  • Age: It is usual for women to experience a flat foot at 40 years and above.
  •  Incorrect Shoes: Wear shoes that have correct support to enhance comfort. 
  • Health Complications: Some moms with hypertension, diabetes, and obesity experience flat feet. Furthermore, week arches and arthritis can extend the problem.
  • Nerve Damage.

Can You Treat Flat Feet?

Flat Feet Diagram
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There are various solutions for the treatment of flat feet. Unfortunately, you may not find a definite fix. For starters, they can perform arch support by inserting dynamic insoles. Consequently, some people recorded an improvement by reducing the pain to a wider margin. 

Alternatively, walk around barefoot. Do you know that having your feet in the wrong shoes affects arches, causing flat feet? Walking barefoot will gradually adjust your feet’ anatomy to allow a proper foot posture. 

Then again, another recommendation can be to stimulate your muscles, doing healthy exercises that lead to foot strength. Here is what Dr. Klein says,” Calf stretches, toe yoga, and even activities like gripping a towel with the toes can strengthen the feet and arches.”

Visit a podiatrist to some flat feet complications. If you are experiencing hip, ankle, or knee pain, let the specialist examine further. Extreme cases in flat feet may lead to surgery. 

Tips to Consider When Picking Walking Shoes for Flat Feet Women

Every buyer would want to know specific things that can cause a difference before buying the right walking shoes for flat feet. The following points can be resourceful and informative. So, let’s take a closer look.

The critical problem that emanates from flat feet is pain as you walk on awkward angles and rough terrains. Sounds familiar? You can lower that experience by using a molded padding to enable you to walk for a more extended period easily. 

Padding usually fits most feet by automatically adjusting to the ergonomic shape of your feet. Moreover, an appropriate shoe design should have a slight bump at specific places where the foot arch could be. The bump should not be too large to cause further discomfort. 

On the other hand, consider firm, springy padding to mold to the foot’s shape. An ideal foam should be soft to maintain comfort while wearing. More so, the design should have a bump for arching your feet naturally.

Foot Size

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The width of the feet matters a lot during the selection exercise. The problem can get compounded if your toes spread out more due to the lower arch of the foot. A correct width size will solve the anomaly. 

Multiple brands may have different width sizes, depending on their design. The majority of shoes will completely cover your feet. Therefore, comfort should come before cosmetic the aspect. 

Take caution to ensure that your choice is not oversize for people to notice. Loose shoes may frequently rub your skin leading to discomfort. Also, while doing some walking, you may feel severe pains. 


Your shoe consists of three parts; the midsole, the upper, and the outsole. These parts must-have features that match your needs. Let’s discuss each section separately below:

  1. Upper: Check the innermost part that gets in contact with your foot. A good design should have a mesh upper to enhance breathability. Still, the material should be lightweight. 
  2. Midsole: A soft and firm midsole increases the level of comfort while walking.
  3. Outsole: The sole should be sturdy to make the shoes versatile. You can locate it at the bottom of your shoes. It has treads that determine the grip. 


Different shoes have varying rates of tear and wear. Many tend to discard them immediately; their padding and insoles wear out. For flat feet mom, the shoe may become unworthy when it lacks a specialized insole to increase comfort. 

In some cases, the shoe lifespan may get reduced if you may encounter skin irritation or pain. If you wear orthopedic shoes and experience some more problems, the best option is to dispose of them. 

Where and how you use your shoes determines the lifespan of your footwear. The costly ones are medically designed shoes. Replacement of such may take a while if they can unexpectedly wear out. 



Think of lightweight if you are an all-day trekker. Weight is a critical factor in providing comfort, especially for long walks. Nonetheless, for tougher terrain, more substantial and durable footwear may resist more wear and tear. 

One of the best advantages of having lightweight footwear is that your feet don’t have to take any pressure at all while you move. This prevents any excessive pain in the lower leg section while you walk, run or even climb a terrain. So, it’s always good to invest in a pair of good quality lightweight flexible shoes. We would recommend Loom Footwear. Loom s the pair of shoes everyone should have in their cupboard! Waterproof, breathable, and on top of all, vegan friendly. Made with the finest quality cruelty-free material sourced from the eco-friendly farms, these most comfortable shoes will help you walk miles without your feet feeling heavy. You definitely want to check these out!

Supportive Heel

A supportive heel acts to prevent the ankle from twisting or bending, whether under enormous pressure or not. The right shoes will boost a mom’s self-care. 

Final Thoughts

Most flat feet moms find it challenging to select the right walking shoes. The problems they encounter, such as pain, make them spend more time searching for solutions. Nevertheless, consistency with the proper knowledge will restore a quick solution.

The manufacturers designed multiple brands to tackle exceptional cases for all your needs. The desirable characteristics of an ideal shoe should be breathable, comfortable, and durable. The best part is that the shoe should be supportive of the distribution of weight.

The bottom line is, your feet should be comfortable to assist your walking without further complications. Take proper action on your feet to prevent you from enjoying a healthy lifestyle. The right time to begin is now!