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How To Stay Safe When Riding an Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are a fantastic mode of transportation, but before the first city ride, they require some equipment familiarisation. It’s common to hear that operating an electric scooter is not all that different from operating a bicycle if you want to get one and give it a try. Always choose high-quality, reliable electric scooters, like the ones by Pro Electric Scooters, to ensure your safety. And while the bike comparison is completely true, you need to understand how it operates and protect yourself. 

1. Always wear a helmet.

In reality, people who had not yet turned 14 or reached the age of majority were already required to wear safety helmets while operating electric scooters. However, as electric scooters become more common on the roads, the law is changing to regulate their use to prevent accidents and injuries from “wild” driving of this vehicle. Despite being small, it can become dangerous and impede regular urban traffic without precise instructions provided in the Highway Code.

Although it has been established that you must wear a helmet to ride an electric scooter, indispensably and regardless of age, it has not yet been specified what type of helmet in many countries. One of those approved for motorcycles and scooters will be suitable not to incur penalties, a little less for protective helmets designated for other purposes (such as, for example, for snow sports or skateboards). Most likely, even a simple bike helmet will be fine given the speeds that can be reached, which are similar to those of a velocipede. 

2. Obey all traffic laws.

Are there electric scooters that can be used without a driver’s license?

Regrettably, there are a lot of online adverts for the sale of e-scooters that can be used without a license, without the requirement of a license plate, and without RCA insurance. But do not fall for that; it’s a trick, and a license is required.

According to the legislation, even electric scooters must only be driven by those with valid driving licenses. In many countries, regardless of whether the engine is electric or not, a driving license is absolutely necessary to operate any form of a motor vehicle. It’s crucial to have the right license for the features of the particular vehicle you want to use.

3. Stay aware of your surroundings at all times.

The basics of operating an e-scooter are maintaining awareness of your surroundings and being visible at all times. Use the horn without thinking twice to prevent collisions with pedestrians who may unexpectedly change their course.

Keep a close eye on the traffic signals. There may occasionally be a conditional green light for cars and a green signal for pedestrians as you approach the street. Because of a building, car drivers might not always see you and may proceed with the conditional green light, which increases the risk of an accident. Always stop as you get close to the street to ensure the transition is safe.

4. Use hand signals to indicate when you’re turning.

Hand signals are an element of being aware of your surroundings. Electronic directional signs are sometimes supplied with arm movements, indicating going left, turning right, or stopping. You should know this and learn the appropriate signals in your region. 

Before turning, rapidly scan the area behind you for any pedestrians. Make sure to use the appropriate sign while making a turn in order not to confuse drivers and pedestrians and avoid an incident. If you are unfamiliar with this, research the signals in your country or area and spend some time learning how to use them. 

5. Don’t ride on the sidewalk – only ride on the street.

Even though it is normal to use electronic scooters on the sidewalk in some countries, note that this is illegal as sidewalks are only for pedestrians. E-scooters are not yet regulated in the traffic, and it may seem normal to use them anywhere you can. However, the only appropriate place to use them is the road.

6. Don’t drink and ride.

This rule does not only apply to car drivers. Alcohol and operating any type of vehicle do not go together. Only one glass of alcohol may affect your balance and stability, which is crucial when riding an electric scooter.

Featured Image by Shary Reeves from Pixabay