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Literary Classics That Will Improve Your English and Your Mood

Those who have ever learned foreign languages say that reading books is one of the best ways to comprehend the new language. Not everyone loves that, as some teachers prefer Maugham, Galsworthy, or Fitzgerald, the English and American literary classics that might seem a bit boring or too complicated for the modern students. We offer you to pay attention to the literary classics of fantasy and science fiction and try to fall in love with reading once again. These authors have a special ambiance you will most likely enjoy while reading their novels in rainy autumns or snowy winters.

J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter

Experts say that these were the Harry Potter series that made reading popular among the kids of the 00s. If English is not your mother tongue, don’t worry. The books are easy for understanding because you most likely know the story of the Boy who Lived, and you must have seen the movies about the school of witchcraft and wizardry. The kind humor and the perfect language of Joanne Rowling accompany the thrilling story. You will enjoy the series even more if you make yourself some pumpkin pasties and butterbeer beforehand.

J.R.R. Tolkien and the LOTR

Lord of the RIngs
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Tolkien indeed uses long sentences in his writing, and his elven English is a bit complicated, but all in all, he is easy to read. Start from the Hobbit novel to make sure for yourself. J.R.R. Tolkien was a professor of linguistics, and it is well seen in his books. The Lord of the Ring trilogy contains multiple characters, amazing stories, and great adventures, and a brilliant writing style. Every word is in its place. Every one of them is full of meaning for the story. Make yourself a Christmas present and start the LOTR books and movie marathon this weekend!

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Isaac Asimov and the Foundation

Eirik Newth, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Asimov is the kindest sci-fi author known to humanity. He was the first to write down the three robotics laws. He was also the author of short stories and novels that became the basis of the I, Robot, and the Bicentennial Man movies. Try out his non-fiction books on popular science if you’re more interested in enlarging your knowledge of physics and nature. You will enjoy his writing even more on the moments of autumn anxiety and winter sadness. Try out his Foundation series if you feel like you’re starting to get disappointed in humanity and people.

Terry Patchett and the Discworld

Discworld graphics
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Terry Pratchett is probably not that easy to read for non-native speakers. His novels are full of humor, and part of it is based on puns, irony, and colorful metaphors. Start from the Night Watch series of novels if you like detectives or the Mort if you prefer darker humor. His Discworld books are full of geographical and historical allusions, and you will love his magical realism even if you’re not a fan of fantasy.

We hope that these literary classics will improve both your mood and your knowledge of English. Enjoy your autumn and winter: a good book will help you make them warmer and more comfortable.

Featured Image by Thorsten Frenzel from Pixabay