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Luxury Bathroom Renovation Tips

Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to renovating your home, observes Specialized Management Memphis. These spaces should be centers of relaxation and calm, so giving your bathroom a luxury makeover can help to achieve this. A modern ensuite can also add to your property value, which is great when it comes to selling.

Here are some tips to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. 

Tiling and paint color

The walls of your bathroom can make or break a look, so it is important that you choose your colors and materials carefully. 

Tiles are a practical choice in a bathroom, especially around the colored bathroom sinks and bath or shower. They can also add colors and patterns of your choice. You could mix and match tiles to create an eclectic feel, or you could stick to one plainer pattern. 

Whatever tiles you choose, any paints should complement them. You could use the tiles as a feature wall and have simpler painted walls elsewhere. Color is not a bad thing in a bathroom, but you should think about the atmosphere you want to create. Blues, muted greens and white are all classic shades that promote a calm, relaxing feel. 

Shower features

Updating your shower is a relatively simple way to make your bathroom feel new. Make sure it matches the style you are going for to create a seamless room. 

Electric showers are the way forward as they create good water pressure, heat up quickly, and can work even if you have a boiler issue. Not only this, but they can look great in a luxurious bathroom as they come in different finishes. 


If you have opted for a more muted color scheme, décor is where you can showcase your personality and pops of brighter colors. Plants are a great feature to consider, as they look beautiful whilst helping to clean and purify the air. You will want to pick up plants that thrive in damp, humid conditions, such as ferns or snake plants.

Wall art is another great way to inject a bit of a spark. You could pick up some cheap prints from a charity shop and get them reframed to update them to fit your color scheme. Be careful not to do too much, though, as it could make a smaller room look cluttered. 


Every bathroom needs a mirror. They are super practical but are also great at reflecting natural light, helping the room feel brighter and larger.

Tabletop mirrors are great for moving around as you need them, but mirrored cabinets hung on the wall look sleek and effortless. They also have bonus points as they have extra storage, which is essential in keeping your bathroom clutter-free and stylish. 

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