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Making Money At Home as a Busy Mom

Following a budget can be tough, and just like a lot of other things, it can be tougher when you are a mom. Luckily there are tons of things that most people, even busy moms, can do at home to add some extra income to their budget.  

Declutter, Organize, and Sell to Find Some Cash

You would be surprised how much stuff is lying around your home that you don’t need or use, but that may be useful or valuable to others. Go through your space, ask the kids to go through theirs (if they are old enough to do so), and with the same spirit as Marie Kondo, part with items you don’t need. 

The chances are that you may have some stuff you can sell right away. Or be able to organize current items for sale in the future (for example, seasonal items). Although this may seem time-consuming, once broken down room to room, it could only take a few minutes out of your day—and could mean an extra source of income. Also, there is the added bonus of a decluttered home!  

The Basic Approach to Selling Stuff 

Selling stuff can be really simple; you can do it online through many sites like Facebook, Craigslist, eBay, etc. Selling online would be a great place to start if you want to reach more people. You can use a tool like this eBay sales estimator to get a better idea of profit margins if you’re just starting out.

Or you can always do it the old-fashioned way—by having a garage sale. A little more time-consuming but always fun, hosting a garage sale could be an enjoyable way to spend your Saturday morning. Oh, and of course, you could get that extra cash for the stuff you don’t need!  

Do Some Freelance Work To Get That Extra Money 

Finding freelance work has never been easier! There are all sorts of websites and organizations that connect people with freelance projects from the comfort of home! 

The best part is these projects are usually short-term, and so will not consume a ton of time. Along with that, freelance workers tend to get more flexibility with their schedules, which is a huge plus for busy moms. 

Start a Small Business (Kind of) and Create an Extra Source of Income

If you have any marketable hobbies, you may be able to get some cash out of them. Most hobbies are marketable. Etsy sells many homemade products like hats for your cat. The great thing about online marketplaces such as Etsy, Artfire, and 3D Cart is that anyone can set up “an online store” and sell anything that they make. 

There is no limit to what a person can sell, such as crotchet accessories, home furnishings, clothing, tech accessories, jewelry, etc. Like so many other people, you have probably dabbled in crafting before, but through these online platforms/marketplaces, you can make some serious income. As a bonus, you’ll find that it can feel empowered to create opportunities for some alone time, which is always a plus! Additionally, with an online marketplace, you can create things at your own pace—making them an ideal venture for a busy schedule. 

Starting Blog / Website or Even a drop shipping online store

Starting an online presence with a blog or drop shipping online store is easy. It will take only 1-2 hours of work a day to the path of success. you can work at your convenient schedule. Only the consistency of regular updates is important here. Also, you cannot expect returns sooner and there is not much to invest also.

You can easily hire web developers to work for your new website. They will listen to all your needs and build a beautiful website and take care of all the technical work leaving you with just content creation or managing your online store.


Check Out Last-Minute Options When You Don’t Have Time to Wait for Money

When you can’t wait for funds, whether it is because of a deadline or an emergency, then things get a little more serious. However, there are options to look into tailored for such scenarios, here are a few: 

Consider Fast Lending Options

There are all kinds of lending options that make funding fast. Credit cards, personal loans, and title loans are just a few of the many financial options out there. 

Ask Family or Friends 

When you have an emergency, sometimes turning to friends or family is an option to think about. With friends and family, you’ll likely get more flexibility and no interest. Keep in mind that just like every other fast funding option, it’s got pros and cons.  

Seek Help through an Organization

For moms who are struggling for whatever reason, there are tons of local and federal organizations that may be able to help. Begin the search online, and even if it may not mean cash, it could mean getting essentials without having to pay for them. 

Although some things may be a constant in your everyday life, finances can change. There are many simple things you can do from home to earn extra income. Plus, you will get some breathing room for your budget. You will find that any creative, hands-on approach to money will have a positive rippling effect on other aspects of your life!