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Newcastle Airport in a Day: The Highlights You Can’t Miss

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An underrated city in the North of England that deserves more attention is Newcastle upon Tyne, or simply Newcastle. The River Tyne creates a romantic atmosphere in the urban center, which is full of fun things; everyone has got choices that excite them. From the moment you land there, you are introduced to a place that excellently prepares you for what thrilling adventures await you downtown. You should definitely take some time to explore the area surrounding Newcastle Airport because the attractions and the activities are outstanding. You can discover the secrets of Newcastle airport in a day!

Newcastle Airport Parking

As a self-respecting airport, Newcastle Airport offers many parking options so that travelers can enjoy their trip in the UK without worrying about their precious car. There are multiple car parks inside and outside the airport. Each of them has its own special prices and services. The on-site car parks are usually more expensive because travelers do not have to worry about time since they are pretty close to the terminals. This means that off-site car parks are cheaper and usually offer shuttle services so that their clients can reach the airport on time. Most car parks also offer premium services such as Meet and Greet parking. The steps for getting the best parking deal are simple: check for Newcastle airport parking, book with, and save. In this way, you can compare prices and ensure that you will make the best choice for you. 

Getting Around 

How can you travel from Newcastle Airport to the surrounding attractions? There are many available modes of transport that you can choose from depending on your needs and budget. Of course, there are the usual options of buses and taxis. There is also an underground station next to the terminals, providing an added economical way to arrive at or depart from the airport. Additionally, you can make the necessary arrangements for a private transfer or a car hire. 

The Highlights You Can’t-Miss at Newcastle Airport

1. Shops and Restaurants

An added advantage of airports is definitely the duty-free outlets and the exquisite restaurants and coffee shops. Newcastle Airport is no exception and offers a great selection of businesses for you to shop or relax by enjoying a refreshing drink or a nourishing meal. 

2. Angel of the North

The sculpture Angel of the North is one of the greatest contemporary pieces of art in the United Kingdom. You will find it near the A1 road. It is 20 meters high, and its wingspan is 54 meters. The sculpture was completed in 1998 and was made by Antony Gormley.

3. The Discovery Museum

Newcastle airport is very close to Newcastle, so a visit to the city center is inevitable. An attraction there that you shouldn’t miss is the Discovery Museum. You will marvel at scientific and technological breakthroughs. More importantly, you will also learn about the history of Newcastle. 

The region near Newcastle Airport and the city center will provide you with a plethora of opportunities to have incredible fun indoors and outdoors. Book your holidays in Newcastle and be prepared to be amazed by the city’s beauty. 

Featured Image by Terry from Pixabay