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From Shorts to Shoes: Outfit Planning for Babies

“What should we wear today?”

For new parents with a recent addition to the family, this can be one of the hardest questions to answer every morning.

Fashion designers are doing creative work in designing cute outfits for babies. These everyday clothes are somehow the same as the adult clothes, but it seems very cute, sustainable, and stylish.  Colorful clothes rather than just black and white color clothes are more attractive to the parents. If we glance at our past clothing trends, there was a division in colors that differentiate between the girl and boy clothes. There is no discrimination on gender found, and non-gender baby clothes are the most viable and attractive ones. For new parents with a recent addition to the family, this can be one of the hardest questions to answer every morning.

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to dressing your baby, and nobody’s going to lock you up for dressing your child in the wrong color palette. It’s a lot easier than most people expect, but yet it’s still intimidating to open up the wardrobe and see all those terrifying options for the clothing of the day. It gets even worse when other people start buying clothes for your children.

baby clothes

Here’s what you should know about choosing clothes for your baby – and why you shouldn’t really worry about it at all.

Gender Matters

Should you dress your boy up in traditional colors, or should girls only wear pink? What if your baby boy suddenly decides to wear a dress?

Gender and clothing don’t matter nearly as much as people think they do. Fifty years ago, things were different, and today nobody would be surprised if an adult man is wearing a dress or a woman wearing a pair of jeans – so why should you care when your baby does?

There’s no research that shows dressing your child in blue versus red (or the other way around) will have any negative effect on their psychology later, so dress away.

Matching or Not

Yes, it’s a good idea to buy clothes that compliment each other – and it’s an excellent idea to dress your child in interesting, bright, new colors. Babies are a clean slate for all practical purposes, and their learning process starts from the ground up – research shows that children who are exposed to more colors earlier will be faster learners later on.

But should clothes really match all the time? We’d say no.

Almost everyone has known at least one eccentric professor who doesn’t let anyone tell him what to do – and wore two different socks. Like gender, nobody minds when adults do it – so why should it matter for your baby?

“I Want to Wear This!”

There comes a point when children decide they want to choose their own clothes – and this has led to a lot of headaches for parents who try to talk their kids out of wearing the scuba flippers with the tutu and the giraffe socks or the superhero costume.

Does it really matter if your child decides they want to look like a superhero for a day – or a week? Psychology says no, and children should be given the freedom to learn how to express themselves early on in life. But there are some times where you’ll have to grit your teeth and say no to their clothing choices, especially when the clothing is just plain impractical – like wearing short shorts on a freezing, snow-filled day.


New parents are often the recipients of too many baby gifts that they’ll know what to do with, and if you’re one of these parents, you got lucky.

But not all of the gifts people buy will be great ideas, even if it’s supposed to be the thought that counts.  What are you supposed to do with four shirts that are the wrong size?  When it comes to footwear, you should be aware of what are the appropriate sizes and what is GS, for instance. And what if someone buys you something that you really don’t want your baby to be wearing? Weird slogans are common scares for parents.

The best strategy is to be nice about it. Just because you’ve accepted something as a gift doesn’t mean that your child will have to wear it – if it’s something horrible, it can be folded up into the cupboard or donated to someone who needs it more.

If people still want to buy you gifts, it doesn’t hurt to guide their purchases to something that’s more useful: For example, make sure that everyone who wants to buy a gift knows about things like the clothing size beforehand – this can save you a lot of headaches and time spent exchanging or waiting for them to grow into it.

Cold or Warm Days

New parents should learn to check the weather report – every morning, every night, and every week.

You have no idea just how much time this can save you in running back and forth trying to find the right outfit when the weather isn’t the same as when you looked out the window this morning. In most cases, there’s an app for that – and we’d suggest you download a simple weather app on your phone to avoid all of these uncomfortable moments.

Another tip: Always carry a spare change of clothing when you’re going somewhere. You’d be surprised at just how messy something can get – and if the weather changes, you’ve got a change of clothes right there.

Choosing Shoes

Shoes for baby

The last part of the outfit parents usually think about are the shoes – and it’s one of the most important things when it comes to dressing your baby.

Shoes matter – and we’re not talking about the color scheme. You want something that breathes, and something that offers the right level of support and comfort as well as warmth.

You’ll notice that the majority of baby shoes are soft – and this is to ensure that their feet aren’t squeezed or pressured by the shoe in any way. You’ll still have to ensure the shoe fits, and remember that when your baby starts crying after a change of clothes, it just might be the clothes that cause the cry – double-check that the shoes (and the rest) are comfortable enough.

It’s common for babies to be far too fussy to go clothes shopping, and new parents usually keep their newborns at home for the first couple of weeks. There’s nothing wrong with this – and luckily you don’t even have to leave the house to find the right clothes.

You can buy some great baby boy shoes online and find the clothing to match! When buying online, make sure that you’re buying the right size for your baby – and make sure that the website will deliver right to your door.

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