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Renting Serviced Apartments in Dubai: An Ultimate Guide

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When traveling to Dubai, the fun just never stops. Many adventures add up to give a smooth travel experience—however, none like having a place to call home after the day’s busy activities.

The best Dubai serviced apartment rentals vary depending on several factors like the location and list of amenities. This guide will explain everything you need to know about booking a serviced apartment for your stay in the city.

Short-term or Long-term Serviced Apartment Rentals in Dubai

If you’re staying in Dubai for some period, it is crucial to determine the nature of your visit. While some travel down for fun and may spend one to two months, others are just in for a conference meeting, which may take between a week or two. Either way, this will impact the rentals you should be getting.

Short-term rentals are rampant all over the city and available to a wide majority of individuals. These rentals usually include the best amenities, and residents can enjoy services from swimming to spas to salons.

These types of rentals cost less compared to long-term stays in the city. The latter includes all exciting amenities and is usually provided with good transportation. Long-term rentals can extend the stay duration to as long as a year.

Long-term serviced apartments give a home-type feeling. They are also widespread.

How to Find the Best Dubai-Serviced Apartment Rentals

Do you need the best Dubai-serviced apartment rentals but don’t know how to go about it? The process is simple yet tricky for first-timers. Do these to get a furnished apartment without hassle:

     Search & Shortlist

Create a shortlist of the apartments that align with your interest. You can consult for multiple options either online or through a travel agent. Before doing so, compare the options in your shortlist and check for the topper. In the end, you’re only picking a preference that will serve as the best.

     Schedule an appointment to view the property

Create an appointment to assess what you intend to pay for. This is primarily applicable to those who are already in the city. Examine the condition of the condo, its services, and its surrounding areas. If it suits your taste, feel free to opt for it.

     Get your documents ready

Set aside a copy of your documents, such as a valid passport, visa, Emirates ID, and proof of income. Homeowners often request this paperwork.

     Pay a security deposit

Sometimes, you may be required to pay for a fully furnished apartment in full. Other times, all you need is a lease. The latter is usually refundable at the end of the lease if no damage is done to the property.

     Conduct a thorough move-in inspection

Before you move in, fix a time for a joint inspection with the serviced apartment management. The purpose of this appointment is to ensure all your expectations are met. In the case of services not included, alert the representative right away.

Where You Can Get a Serviced Apartment in Dubai

Serviced apartments in Dubai will give you the thrill that you seek. Where you choose to stay often impacts the type of adventure you get. This is why it is crucial to find locations with the best condos in the city.

Dubai city apartments
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     Downtown Dubai

This district has a luxurious setting with a blissful atmosphere and exciting activities. Residents live an urban lifestyle. Places like Burj Khalifa and the famous Dubai Mall pose as some of the most iconic landmarks in the world. The vibrant and social scene gives a lovely impression that compels visitors to stay. Downtown Dubai is a place you can call your new home.

     Palm Jumeirah

People who live within Palm Jumeirah have access to the private beach. This district is full of luxurious apartments and villas near a unique island. It is another place where you can enjoy the urban lifestyle.

     Business Bay

This region is a spot for business associates venturing into the city for profitable meetings and seminars. It is full of commercial activities and features incredible villas for both short and long-term stays. Apartments in this district are ideal for executives and business associates bringing in their work duties to the city.

Why You Need the Help of a Serviced Apartment Expert

It is possible to get a serviced apartment in Dubai without any help if you understand the booking process and know the right people to consult. It is, however, advisable to use the piece in this guide and seek the help of an expert. This will help you navigate difficult circumstances while ensuring you get the home of your dreams.

Some travel agents will provide a complete layout of the property you wish to rent with recommendations and trendy amenities. Such agencies pose as an intermediary between you and the property owner. It’s left for you to choose which location and apartment serve you best.

Featured Image by Nataliya Yasnaya from Pixabay