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Simple Ways to Improve Health and Wellbeing This Winter

As winter approaches, most people will be spending more time indoors. It’s a great time to look at everyday health habits and ways to simply improve your health and your family’s. Good health is not difficult; it’s simply a matter of developing good habits that are simple and easy to include in your lifestyle. Sometimes staying healthy requires some medication and you can get this at a UK Online Pharmacy.

Studies have shown that it takes 21 days to create a habit, which means performing the new action consistently to achieve the desired results. If you don’t see or feel better after 28 days of incorporating the new habit (giving it an extra week for any error), then that particular habit may not be beneficial for your system. Medical statistics group body types for easy identification, such as by age, but you have a unique system, and you need to discover what makes you feel your best!

Five Essential Health Tips for Health and Wellbeing:

1. Sleep

Obvious, but often neglected – seven to nine hours of sleep every 24 hours. You can get it in any increments you like, with overnight sleep being the most common. The body needs to detox and restore itself for the next day, and it accomplishes this while you are sleeping. Darken your bedroom and remove all the tech equipment; blue light is a real issue that affects the quality of sleep!

2. Exercise

Exercise is essential; your body needs movement! Accelerating your heart rate for at least 20 minutes a day by doing enjoyable exercise such as riding a bicycle or walking, gives you the best benefits. You can also pick up good body movement by parking in the last space instead of the first and doing 10 minutes of stretching when you first arise. When you find a routine you like, you can stick with it. Teach your children the habit of exercise.

3. Supplements

Taking natural supplements for better health care is recommended for most Americans. This is because the diet of most Americans lacks essential vitamins and minerals. By taking a natural one-a-day vitamin/mineral supplement, you will ensure you have a foundation to build on. Of course, this can be avoided if people incorporate healthier foods into their dietary habits.

4. De-stress

Find a way to de-stress at the end of the day. Make it enjoyable by listening to your favorite music while soaking in a hot bubble bath or playing with your pets. Fifteen minutes of meditation and slow breathing exercises are also easy, and allow you to Let Go of the day!

5. Drink Water

Most importantly, drink plenty of water throughout the day. While the standard suggestion is to drink eight ounces of water eight times a day, everyone is different, and you may find you need less to reap the benefits of staying hydrated. These benefits include: purging toxins from the body, improving skin, better blood pressure management, and joint lubrication.

These five healthy habits are fundamental in promoting good health and giving you more energy to do what it is you do every day. Try adding them one at a time, and then you can focus on specific tips to bring optimal health for your individual needs!