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The Top Reasons You Should Install A Bidet in Your Bathroom

Many people planning to renovate a bathroom end up forgetting about a very important thing that a new bathroom needs to have. And that key piece is, of course, a bidet in your bathroom. Now, a bidet is likely not on the radar of many, but it definitely should be.

There are various types, but no matter which one you chose to install, your hygiene is going to be much higher than when you simply used toilet paper. The Europeans have been using bidets for years and cannot imagine not having one for their daily needs.

In fact, once you make the switch, you too will feel it’s slightly barbaric to not have a bidet in your bathroom. They are not even expensive, and installation is not that bad either especially depending on the type you choose. 

In this article, I will go over the reasons you should have a bidet in your bathroom.

Types of bidet

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If you have ever traveled to Italy, then surely you have seen that funny little toilet shaped sink next to the actual toilet. You may have been tempted to wash your feet in it. That is actually the classic and original bidet that you probably envision when you think of what a bidet is.

However, this is not the only type at all, so think about some of the other choices before you commit one way or the other. If you opt for the classic stand-alone bidet, you will need a plumber to install it. You can check out a resource like TrustedNation to get an unbiased opinion on a plumber that knows how to install a bidet in your bathroom. 

The downside to this bidet is that it is very hands-on. You need to fill the bowl and use a washcloth to clean up. This may be more than most want to deal with.

Luckily, there are other types that install on your toilet so you can have a hands free experience. There are non-electric ones that use a nozzle connected to the water line that sprays you after you’ve used the toilet. Then, there are electric versions that do the same thing, except they are customizable. 

With electric bidets, you can have warm water at various temperatures and control the water pressure. Some have heated seats and even an air dryer, so you can avoid using your hands to dry after using the bidet. 

A bidet is sanitary

Toilet paper is one of the least sanitary ways to clean up after using the toilet. A bidet is far more sanitary than using TP. 

Using water to clean up is the most effective way to keep hygienic. Wiping just spreads bacteria. Instead, a jet of water sprays the area and gently and effectively cleans the area. Then drying with an air dryer, if possible, seals the deal. Not only is the cleaning much more effective and hygienic, but you aren’t using your hands either.

Using a traditional, stand-alone bidet in your bathroom does require using your hand with a washcloth, but you are actually using soap, so you are killing bacteria that wouldn’t happen when you use toilet paper. Washing your hands should happen no matter what after you’ve used the bathroom anyway.

Bidets are good for the environment

Toilet paper production has a very big environmental footprint. It uses a lot of water, lots of chemicals and even destroys forests. And this is at a time when we need to be using far less of those resources anyway. There is no reason to cause such an environmental disaster just to clean our backsides ineffectively. 

Then, the matter of how much of this toilet paper gets flushed into the water supply. It’s been treated with chemicals and can pollute the waterways long after it’s actually broken down.

Even though you’re using water, you still save water in the long run due to how much is used during toilet paper production and how much water is required to flush it properly.

Much more gentle

Toilet paper
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People with sensitive skin or hemorrhoids have a hard time finding the right toilet paper. Many end up using wet wipes because of the discomfort of using traditional toilet paper. These wipes, even the flushable ones, do a ton of damage to your plumbing and sewer systems.

Instead, the water from a bidet is far more gentle and even soothing when you stop wiping and use a bidet. 

If you frequently end up with rashes or even broken skin due to your toilet paper, then using a bidet is a no-brainer.

Mobility issues

The disabled and elderly often have trouble with their hygiene as it is very difficult to reach behind to wipe. As a result, they are at higher risk of infections and even disease.

If you are a senior citizen or have one in your family, then a bidet makes a great gift. Having a steady stream of warm water removes the need to reach around and use their hands. 

If you provide them with a bidet seat attachment, they can do it all in one spot without fussing with a traditional bidet. 

Saves money

The average American spends a couple of hundred dollars a year on toilet paper. When you consider that you can get an electric bidet seat attachment with lots of luxury features for the same amount of money, you can see how it ends up paying for itself. 

Bidets don’t cost you any more money on your water bill as you only use the spray for up to 30 seconds. The most you would spend is a couple of dollars per month extra. Roughly the cost of a couple of rolls of toilet paper. And that is only if you have a big family that uses the bidet multiple times per day. 

Since these bidets last for years and are maintenance-free, you will end up with a free bidet for years to come with the money you’ve saved by not buying toilet paper anymore. 

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