10 things to do every day to stay organized

This post was originally published several years ago but continues to be one of our most popular. If you're looking for simple, effective strategies to get organized, start here! The number one question I get from my readers is "help, I'm so overwhelmed with my home, where do I start?" Maybe you can relate? Probably…

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source: Anne Simpson

Creative (and Inexpensive) Storage Solutions

The following guest post is from Anne Simpson of Authentic Simplicity: Creative (and Inexpensive) Storage Solutions Earlier this year, my husband and I moved into an apartment that was almost twice the size of our previous apartment. While we loved the spacious rooms in our new dwelling, we were more than a little stumped by…

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How I Remember to Return

The following post is from Andrea of AndreaDekker.com: I'm always an advocate for borrowing something versus buying something whenever possible. Not only do we save money by borrowing, we also save so much space in our home by not storing things we don't need on a regular basis. Plus, I personally feel like borrowing (and…

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Organization: Removing Rocks or Just Moving Them Around?

The following post is from Joshua of Becoming Minimalist: A number of years ago, I was speaking to a roomful of teenagers on priorities. I shared this story (which originated with Stephen Covey): A university professor was addressing his new group of business students and, to drive home a point, used an illustration those students…

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Organization's Three Most Important Questions

The following post is from Joshua of Becoming Minimalist: Two and a half years ago, my wife and I (and two small children) decided to embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Since then, our lives have changed drastically for the better. By removing the clutter and nonessentials from our home and lives, we have found extra time,…

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