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The best cleaning tips for car drivers

Most people who own a car like to keep it clean and sanitized. Not just for the sake of cleaning itself but to show the pride they have in their car and the desire to make it more beautiful and fragrant, making a good impression. But just washing and waxing is not enough. Hygiene needs to be constant, especially inside the vehicle. Failing to clean the inside can even cause health problems.

In this article, you’ll see some tips on car cleaning, both at home and in specialized places. Read the article and share it with friends!

Internal area cleaning

The inside of the car is the most important to keep sanitized since that’s where your passengers will be, especially in times of the Coronavirus pandemic. The plastic, leather, and fabric finishes are easily contaminated by debris, dust, and food remains, giving rise to both respiratory and skin diseases.

It is easier to carry out cleaning at your local car wash, gas station, and other establishments. But it is also possible to clean at home. Below are tips for cleaning the inside of your car:

1. Ceiling:

Remove any dust buildup with a dry cloth and a soft brush. Then, make a mixture of disinfectant, mild detergent, and water, spread it with a spray bottle, and wipe the entire ceiling with a cloth.

2. Upholstery:

As they make up a large part of the car’s interior, they are always more likely to get dirty. First of all, it must be vacuumed so that the heaviest dirt is removed. Then, spray the same mixture mentioned in the ceiling cleaning on your upholstery, then clean with a cloth. However, be very careful as the foam that comes in the upholstery retains a lot of water. If your upholstery is leather, avoid using chemicals as much as possible, as they can cause stains. Use only mild detergent and water. For an easy-to-clean interior, visit the Hillsmade website and check out their upgrades.

3. Panel:

The instrument panel needs to be carefully sanitized. Use a cloth dampened with detergent to clean it without causing electrical problems. Many panels have multiple plastic parts. As such, many car owners like to apply silicone on the spot. However, do not use this product on the gearshift lever or steering wheel as they become slippery.

4. Carpets:

Carpets need to be washed. If they are rubber, use mild detergent, water, and a brush to remove stubborn dirt. In the case of carpet rugs, you must use a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth. Don’t forget to let them dry well before putting them in the vehicle again. In general, the carpet takes longer to dry. Therefore, leave it out in the sun, whenever possible, after cleaning. If you are having trouble, we recommend hiring a professional carpet cleaning service.

5. Glass:

The glass needs to be cleaned more frequently, as they accumulate residues of sweat and grease on the inside and, on the outside, more resistant dirt. Use a glass cleaner and a damp cloth to clean. The windows must be cleaned at least once a week. 

6. Internal drying:

Never use running water inside the car to wash it, but damp cloths. So that the parts with foam or fabric do not become soaked with water, it is necessary to clean quickly. Then let the interior dry for about two hours with the windows and doors open.

It is possible to dry inside a garage or under the mild sun, but in this case, the bodywork needs to be dry already. If the interior of the car is not dry, it is prevalent for mold to appear. So keep an eye out.

These car cleaning tips, if applied together, will make a difference not just for sanitary reasons but in appearance as well. We all want to present ourselves in the best possible light, so don’t forget your car as well. 

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