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The Importance of Regular Backups for all your Devices

When you’re a company owner, having all departments working without a flaw is a must. Losing just one document can cause a crisis in the firm and create terrible problems like losing clients or money. This is the main reason why your IT department must do regular backups on your data.

Even if you’re not a company owner and just a regular person, you hate when your phone dies, and you lose everything that was on it. Most information is stored as part of the device memory and not on the internet, so it’s crucial to do regular backups.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of reasons why else backup is essential for all your devices, no matter what you do in life, and whether you need to do it because of professional needs or you’re an ordinary person with a tablet. Follow up and see more on this topic.

1. Preventing data loss

We mentioned data loss, which is the main issue when talking about backups for digital devices. There’s no doubt that losing your documents is rather frustrating, but it can also cause terrible problems in our lives.

Even the loss of some of the recent photographs can cause sadness, and no one wants this to happen. That’s why you need regular backups. There are plenty of options to do it, but the most important thing is doing it regularly.

2. Providing evidence for tax audits

Tax authorities are known for their unexpected audits and asking for documents that you might lose. If you can’t find them, you’ll become suspicious, and when you’re an official taxpayer and a company making profits, that might mean terrible punishment and losing tons of money.

That’s why the best thing to do is do daily backups. You can ask the computer to do it for you and always keep a copy elsewhere, or you can simply connect to the cloud and have everything at all times available.

3. Raising client trust and building relationships

When you have all the data about previous work available at all times, packed in different folders, you can always get back to them and check what you’ve been working on before. If you tell them that your project with them is of utmost importance to you, they’ll be ecstatic when they hear that.

Cloud data backups
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You don’t have to put too much work into this. Simply hire a cloud client and upload everything you have there. If you’re not sure how to do it, check Insight Cloud Solutions to learn more about this and find out how to do it properly.

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4. Picking up from where you left with projects

Let’s say you’re a digital marketing agency, and you had a project that you both did together six years ago. The project went amazing, and everyone had benefited from it. Now the same client wants to do another one, but pick up from where you left.

You had too much information on your computer and deleted old projects. You have nothing to show, and you can’t continue. Your client is disappointed and goes to another marketer.

Instead of having this scenario, you should put everything in a different hard drive or upload it on a cloud and have it available at all times. If you have it on the cloud, you can give access to your client and let them open the docs on their end. They’ll be thrilled.

5. Saving money

Every loss of documents means losing money. Imagine if there’s a power shortage, your main computer dies, and there’s no backup to be found anywhere. The 2-million dollar project you’ve been working on vanished, and your client is furious.

Not only you’ll lose your project money, but you’ll most probably be sued for the damage, get sentenced, and you’ll need to pay even more. Your company may shut down just because you didn’t bother to do any backup.

6. Providing comfort and peace, knowing you’re safe

Contrary to everything we’ve written above, having a backup solution will give you peace of mind, and you’ll sleep tight knowing that nothing can go wrong. Imagine life with tons of worries. Back in the day, there was no backup option, and if documents got burned in a fire – that was it.

Today, it’s nearly impossible to have your documents lost. All data can be stored in a safe place by creating a backup of everything you have. The cloud is the safest option, so make sure you find an excellent provider if you want to be safe at all times.


These few points explain why you need to do regular backups or find a scheduled online backup option such as the cloud. This way, none of the issues and problems will happen to you. If you want to be safe and enjoy working in peace, find a backup solution today.

Featured Photo by Siyuan Hu on Unsplash